An Early Age Of Course.

I was taught at 10 years of age by a very supportive, warm ,loving neighbour lady, the mother of a girlfriend at the time. My friend's parents seperated and she spent weekends with her father. I used to go see her mom sometimes anyway. One Sunday "mom " was pinning a dress to be altered for my friend, and was having a difficult time with it. She asked if I would help her by slipping the dress on for a moment. For a good friend sure so I said ok. I only took off my shirt and she slipped it over my head. She was quite calm, so everything was normal. She finished pining it, thanked me and sat down talking to me like all was normal. I guess it was. Mom went up to the washroom and came back with a matghing pink hat and little white gloves. She put them on me, which felt different, but she commented on how beautiful I was, and just the perfect size, like her daughter the same age. We went upstairs talking and she said she should do laundry today, I did not have to, but I said I liked helping her, so I carried the basket, followed her around and she dropped hers and my friend's dirty things in my basket. I learned how to fold clothes nicely, not sure about some things, but she showed me how she liked the panties, bras and pantyhose placed neatly in litte piles. OK, it was easy. We put things away together and I noticed how full her drawers were of how many panties and pantyhose, but I did not say anything. She thanked me very much, said I was very sweet, and that I should change and probably go now, but come back whenever I can because she misses her daughter and it was nice to se me.
    Many weekends went by and nothing out of the ordinary happened.  One Saturday I visited and my friend was still at home. Her dad had other plans for the weekend. We had a big three way hug and "mom" said we were going to have a special weekend. She had told my friend, Janice, about me helping with the dress, and suggested us girls get busy cleaning out the closets today. We started in Janice's room, going through everything, putting all old or unwanted things on the bed to give away to people. Janice said it was ok to give some things to me and to this mom said well, we'll think about that.
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Some of us have had such really good times with neighbors! The girl next door loved "making" me wear her lingerie and dresses in the 4th thru 6th grades. Loved it then and love the memories now but wish I knew then what I know now!!!

How exciting ... do tell more, Berta. ;-)

"tghubby", I have many times in my responses to other stories and experiences here on EP and just didn't feel the need to repeat it all again here in reply to this story. I'm sure a search of my responses with the key phrase "girl next door" will bring them up for you to read. Thanks for your interest, Berta.

Oh, I know, do you see her today? Love to read that girl next door story. What do you do today?

Nylnck, sorry it has taken me so long to try and catch up here on EP. To answer your questions:
I only see her once in a rare occasion as we've followed much different paths in our adult lives. (Sadly she lost her husband a few months ago and he was one of my classmates throughout school.)
Today? Well I wear satin panties full time along with a satin camisole (in our colder weather) under my male shirt and pants. I sleep in long satin nightgowns, like in my pic, much to my wife's dislike. I spend most evenings watching TV with her and eventually around 9 or so go change into my satin nightgown and a black satin robe and spend the rest of the evening with her dressed that way until she goes to bed around 11 PM. Then Berta comes out to play as I don a bra put in my forms slip into multiple satin nightgowns with pretty robe (as in pic) over them and luxuriate that way for a few more hours. Usually chatting with friends via Yahoo messenger or posting here on EP. I've never gone out as Berta nor have I any idea what Berta might look like if ever fully made-up and enfemme dressed!!
Hope this has answered your questions.

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Your so luck to have found such good hearted friend & the mother of her to be sure

I certainly would love to hear more about you with this neighbour lady and her daughter, your girlfriend. Do tell ...

tell me more about that sounds nice