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I wrote on here before about my experiences with tights/pantyhose. Was quite unsure about talking about it, and my girlfriend at the time wouldn't have been very accepting of me. The last time I saw her I brought it up, but she knocked it down and well i knew at that point it wouldn't get any further. I couldn't see her for the next 2 months or so, and after those 2 months she started becoming very insecure, limiting my social life and making me unhappy.

Being single for a while (6 months or so), I knew I'd have to, with my next girlfriend, be open and honest from the beginning about my skin pressure desire...

I went to go stay with my new girlfriend for a couple days, unfortunately (or given the circumstances you could say fortunately), strained a muscle in my leg. I hadn't done this in a long time and wasn't sure what to do... I couldn't walk on it, and she was disappointed as I was going to take her out for the day to this local gardens she'd been looking forward to seeing. I checked out what to do online, and one of the methods was compression. At this point, I knew tights would be perfect for it, but I was scared to outwardly ask as my confidence had been knocked from my last girlfriend (she would have called me a cross-dresser (which I don't believe it is if its just tights) and made me feel bad about myself). The thing is, I did have this conversation a while before this, with my new girlfriend, i have no idea how it came about now, but it ended up with her saying if she'd ever saw me in tights she wouldn't be able to a) stop laughing and b) look at me the same way again. It was in a jokey context... but i thought there was some underlying seriousness about this and that made me feel bad about myself...

Funnily enough, she offered me some of her tights to deal with the issue... she was joking in the past, and didn't mean that she would think any less of me! Admittedly she didn't want to see me in them at risk of her laughing, but it's progress at least, right? :) Anyway, it worked. The compression actually made my leg feel better (make a note if you pull a leg muscle yourself in the future!)

Wore them for a day and a half and the pain went away, unfortunately the weather turned so we never did go out.

I went to go see her a week later, and over that week I knew I had to tell her about pretty much my "only" secret.

Took me a while to build up courage, and she was looking at me and could tell I was about to say something, and I was making her worried trying to build up the strength to say it! No return at this point, I'd only get the 3rd degree if I backed out. I told her and she was totally ok with it, didn't mind one bit, not even any sense of any negative feelings towards it.

So that is it... bought some bamboo tights recently because I liked that they were eco-friendly... but not just that, the material is literally amazing and the softest tights I have ever felt, it's a must for anyone that wants to try it. Get organic cotton/bamboo tights... just amazing.
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Nice to hear things worked out for you.