In The Pool

I love to wear Panty Hose underneath my bathing suit while in the pool...anyone else like this ?
PeggySuePantyHose PeggySuePantyHose
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6 Responses Aug 4, 2012

Yes, i love it. In fact i use to do it every time i have the opportunity. I´ve swam with pantyhose under my trunks and even alone on beaches and swimming pool at a nudist resort. At least two times at in door swimming pool under my competition one pice swimdress, so you can check that i´m wearing pantyhose looking to my feet. Cheers!

The feeling must be wonderful. I have pink bikini bottoms and would love to wear STW nude pantyhose and go in the sea. One day when I haev the nerve.

Would love to wear nude stw wear tights and bikini bottoms and walk along the beach and swim in the sea, have not had the nerve to do this.

yes, feels good

Let me clarify a little....Royal Blue one piece womens speedo bathing suit with Hanes Sheer to the Waist 'South Pacif' support pantyhose and of cours 4" sandals (not in the pool tho)

Don't have the guts to, but would yearn to!<br />
I knew from a friend, a pro swimmer, that some training session are done with pantyhose on, cos they increase the water friction and strenghten muscles.<br />
It could be a good excuse for me

I only wish we had to train in pantyhose when I was on the swim team. I never even knew swimmers did it until much later. At least I had an excuse to shave my legs and body!

Me too. Get some looks but I like the feel.