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Panty Hose Is Sensational

The silky feeling on our legs is a sensational feeling , womanhood takes over and a sence of relaxation intervene into another world of sexual transformation to a lady .....I love that  sensation

lilianne lilianne 46-50, M 6 Responses Jun 23, 2008

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Pantyhose are usually associated with women's formal wear, but I think that pantyhose are great for leisure.


Add clear nail polish, panties and a touch of lipstick and the transitional feeling will be much stronger, more complete and satisfying. ;-)....LQ

That's exactly the word I'd use... Sensational! Wearing pantyhose feels like heaven!

Oh, that silky sensational feeling all over my legs, from the toes up to my waist. Every move I make the pantyhose caresses me softly and gently. I most times prefer quite large sizes, just to get that "loose" caressing feeling, rather than the tight one. Double seam on the butt section is my favourite, btw.And yes, the hours I wear pantyhose I DO feel and talk to myself as if I were a lady, a slutty lady... Sometimes I wish I was a woman, just to enjoy lesbian sex all clad in pantyhose and silky undies. This will be my never fulfilled wish I think...

Oh Yeah! My girl and I do that too! So Hot! We share are undie and have indefatiguable intercourse for 3-4 Hrs. on end in our pretend lesbian fantasies-Mmmm,so sensuous,she LOVES IT! I can't wait to slip into our things and pretend a bit!

Hi there. I actually get really turned on by wearing silky / shiny pantyhose or hold-ups in bed and when making love. I'm always trying to manipulate my lover/s to do this. I find the silky / slippery feeling so much better than bare skin on legs and bum. I guess it's something that's been imprinted on me from a childhood experience. I’m actually straight and quite conservative but cos of this preference of mine I sometimes have secret lesbian desires. It seems you have the same interest which is good for me cos it means its not totally weird to have this preference. Drop me a line and have a pleasant day. M.