Panty Hose Is Sensational

The silky feeling on our legs is a sensational feeling , womanhood takes over and a sence of relaxation intervene into another world of sexual transformation to a lady .....I love that  sensation

lilianne lilianne
46-50, M
3 Responses Jun 23, 2008


Add clear nail polish, panties and a touch of lipstick and the transitional feeling will be much stronger, more complete and satisfying. ;-)....LQ

Hi there. I actually get really turned on by wearing silky / shiny pantyhose or hold-ups in bed and when making love. I'm always trying to manipulate my lover/s to do this. I find the silky / slippery feeling so much better than bare skin on legs and bum. I guess it's something that's been imprinted on me from a childhood experience. I’m actually straight and quite conservative but cos of this preference of mine I sometimes have secret lesbian desires. It seems you have the same interest which is good for me cos it means its not totally weird to have this preference. Drop me a line and have a pleasant day. M.