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Every women who works in my office wear's pantyhose because it's required to wear a dress to work for the company if you are a women. Sound strange but the boss is a women.
And I have seen and heard her send women home because they came to work not wearing them.
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Do you actually wear pantyhose yourself?

Stevekone if a man wants to wear pantyhose I am all for it. At night I wear knee high stockings so I do not get leg cramps it works for me. But in the office I only have women who work for me. And it's a requirment I say if they don't want a job wearing the company uniform go work somewhere else. But I start workers off at around $36k a year with full medical paid not to many companies my size even pay for health care
That is how I am fair to all who work for the company.

You should suggest that it would only be fair if everyone was required to wear pantyhose- men and women!