Wearing An Outfit With Pantyhose After School One Day

So I've been wearing pantyhose since I was eight and I have not stopped since because I love wearing them, but anyway I wanted to wear an outfit one day after school, when it was late at night, so I changed in the car and was trying to make sure nobody was around to see me and when I got done dressing into my women clothes I got out of the car and went walking around a mall but the stores were closed so I went back to my car fast and left and went home. I would love to just walk in my outfit one day to somewhere, I don't know why but its something I want to do. Makes me feel good for some reason.
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1 Response Sep 14, 2012

Yes absolutely I love to spend a weekend in a different town dressed in suntan sheer energy pantyhose womens lace trimmed booty bike shorts legwarmers women's sneakers and a turtle neck leotard and a hoody sweat shirt and a ball cap and do everything dressed like that I will change up the colors too but the trick is that must wear pantyhose and make it more than obvious to the public that your not a afraid to show you are wearing pantyhose and also helps if you have long hair and make sure to shave your legs and face and don't forget make up sometimes will goto a salon dress like that and get hair done it's a very liberating feelings