My Sister Knows That I Wear Pantyhose

Well it was when we were in the house just talking and I was just thinking in my mind should I tell her or not because I really wanted to tell somebody and I guess at the time My sister was the only one I could trust so I told her that I wanted to tell her something and she was like "ok" and I said that " You know in the past when I was little you remember me wearing pantyhose?" and she was like "yeah" and I said well I still do and I love it and she didn't say a word for like a minute and then she said no stop playing and I said no really I do and I said hold on and I'll show you. and she followed me and I showed her my pantyhose,high heels,and dresses and she was like whoa really. And after that she was fine with me wearing them( not in front of her of course) but after I told her, she brought me some pairs and After that she doesn't really care if I wear them or not. So I thank my sister for being there for me.
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10 Responses Sep 14, 2012

You have a great sister. Besides that, now it makes it easier for her to know what to get you for holiday gifts. ;-)

You have a good sister.

Fabulous sweetie

That's very cool!

Great sister.

Your sister is a gem!!!!!!and give yourself a congrata as well ;-)

You have a great sister my friend ! It's awesome that she not only supports your wearing, she buys them for you as well. Kudos to you and your sister !!

that was kewl that her sister support her...and was kewl that lil sis was into wearing them....keep that support going...

Cool sister you have.

You are lucky to have an understanding sister like that. I told my sister when I was about 6 or 7 yrs. old that I was wearing her green silky panties and she got a little pissed at me until I showed them too her and she was alright with it then, and to this day I still wear female attire, all of it, everything.