Pantyhose Friends

If anybody would like to be my friend and talk about pantyhose or womens clothes or high heels even add me and i'll add you
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6 Responses Sep 14, 2012

Hi, I love to wear panty hose! If you want, you can add me!

Sounds good to me I love wearing pantyhose and feminie clothes and love to see women or men in pantyhose too weather real females or crossdressers seeing looks up under skirts is serious turn on Wudllove to chat about this and share about what we wear adn wouldlike to do.

I love wearing pantyhose and panties, i started with my step moms at about 10 but over time ive worn aunts, neighbours, friends moms, anyones realy that i can sneak a look in their room , i love the feel and the naughtyness i also like to try and peek up their skirts while they wear nylons i get so hard imagining rubbing their thighs

I loved sneaking into girls rooms and dressing up the excitement of getting caught was so hott for me

Please include me as well!! I adore the same.

Sounds like a great plan.

i love the topic??/where are you from???/im from philly pa...