Another Time I Wanted To Wear My Women Clothes In Public

So I was just getting out of college at 5pm and I met a friend at a bar and we had a couple of beers and After he wanted to go to this hookah bar to smoke some hookah and I was like alright( since I had nothing better to do) so he had to go pick up a friend I was like I'll wait for you at the mall and we will go from there and he was like ok. So I headed to the mall and I had a bag ready with all of my women clothes( pantyhose included) so I wait there until like 9 and he has not been there So I assume that he's not coming and by the time this is happening its night already and I'm like what a perfect way to get dressed. So I get in the back of my car and get dressed as fast as I can and When I'm done I feel really sexy so I get out and start walking to the mall and by this time the mall is closed and I'm like damn it. so I hop back in my car and Leave to go home and I notice my back light isn't working, so I stop at this harris teeter and they are closing up as well and I get out and see that there are people around and I'm like yes now people can see me so I go to the back of the car and look at my lights and sure enough people are staring at me thinking I'm a women because I have long hair but they couldn't see me anyway. so i get back in the car and go back home. and man what a rush that was. I hope in the future to do it again.
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