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The Pantyhose School For The Feminization Of Men: The Beginning

My story reveals how I learned about girls, and their femininity that boys don't learn.  I learned those things, because of my compulsion and addiction to pantyhose and tights.  My teachers were very competent, beautiful, and dominant girls that took advantage of my weakness and addiction to pantyhose to control me.  My hot Latina step mother, gorgeous Latina stepsister and her beautiful female associates sexually abused me, because of my fetish or addiction to pantyhose. Here is my sad story:

My stepsister had a tall, beautiful girl friend with long legs, and long raven colored hair.  She was drop dead gorgeous, and would dress in black tight fitting clothes that showed off her beautiful body along with high heels, and black pantyhose or tights to show off her unbelievable legs.  Her name was Jessica, and she was the hottest girl.

Jessica was rarely nice to me and always a tease.  I couldn't  keep my eyes off her beautiful body with fantastic hosed legs.  Jessica dressed to drive the boys insane.  She caught me eying her legs all the time, and smirked. One time she said in front of my sister,  "You're always checking out my legs.  Would you like to stroke my legs, and then try on my black pantyhose, or my tights and ******** wearing them while we watched you ***?  You looked like you needed a thrill you little *****."  I thought if she only knew I wanted to do just that.

I was very embarrassed, and furious about her observation.  So, my response to her was spiteful.  "You dress like a ****, because your are a ****."  Then we argued and fought.  My sister got between us, and made us stop, and apologize to each other. I was glad, because I was crazy about Jessica.  We hugged, and we embraced.

Jessica whispered in my ear, "I know you are tranny, and that you would love to dress up in my tights and lingerie. Then *** all over while letting me watch you relieve your sexual desire. Your lovely sexy stepsister told me everything you sick *****."

I was shaken a little about her comment, because I had a very personal secret, an addiction to women's hosiery.  That was my secret, and now she knew about my love for pantyhose and cross-dressing.

A few days later, Jessica came over dressed to kill with hose that were shiny black, a very tight black mini-dress, and sexy black high heels. Her beautiful breasts appeared even larger in the tight material hugging them causing me intense excitement. Jessica smiled asked if my sister was home.

I replied that my sister was not home, and asked if I could help her out?  Jessica sweetly asked,  "I needed your opinion regarding what was in this bag. I believe you might be an expert on the subject.  Please shower, and come back to me so I can show you."

I thought her request was a little odd.  Why would she have me shower and clean up?   Well, I was curious, and didn't fight her suggestion.

So, I cleaned up and in a short time, I was facing Jessica again, and then she demanded that I must lower my pants. I looked at her strangely, and then she softly stroked me in the right place.  "Please *****," Jessica softly pleaded.  Then, I smiled and couldn't resist her, so I dropped my pants.

Jessica looked at my passion and laughed. "Now you know how powerful I am," she boasted.  "Since your sister wasn't there, would you like to hang out with me?  I don't feel like being alone." I thought this could be a lot of fun, hanging out with this sexy girl that was dressed for the kill.  She was aware of how aroused I was by her charms.

"By the way little *****, why did you shave your legs?" Jessica asked.

"I'm on the swim team,"  I answered.

"Never mind, it's one less thing for you to do for me. Well, if you want to hang out with me, take this little bag I have, and put on what's inside. Then return wearing only what was in the bag, and no nonsense! Otherwise, I'm outta here. I promise you that you will be very happy, and excited when you see your surprise in the bag," she said.

Next, I immediately ran upstairs to my bedroom, because I was anxious to see what was in the bag, and I dumped the contents of the bag on my bed. There was my surprise, a brand new package of black shiny dance tights. Christmas was early I thought, and I gently slipped the tights on my clean-shaven legs. The tights were so shiny that they lit up my room. I became very stimulated, and ran down the stairs nearly stumbling to see why Jessica wanted me dressed in those magnificent tights. Flash!  She snapped a picture of me wearing tights and nothing else.

"Gotcha you sissy! Now you do what I ask, or your picture will be nailed to trees all over town."

Of course, I became extremely agitated, and then something beautiful happened. Jessica got down on her knees, and whispered near my passion.

"Sweetie, this will be so much fun, and as your reward, you could keep these tights you are wearing. I will take you to places a little girl like you has never been to. But you must do what I require, or I will show this sexy picture of you to your family and friends."

I had to do what Jessica wanted. Jessica instructed me to wear the black dance shiny tights on under my jeans, and get dressed, because she had some errands to do.  I agreed, since I was wearing black tights, and was going to hang out with a gorgeous girl wearing sexy black tights. This was a perfect combination.  We were going hosing together.

That was often a fantasy of mine, hanging out with a beautiful girl wearing black tights, and also wearing black tights.  Sometimes Jessica would come over to hang out with my sister, and I would be excited to see her, because she was so beautiful, and dressed so sexy. Later that same night, when everyone was sleeping, I would fish in the dirty clothes bin for my sister's sexy black tights, and put her tights on.  Then climax to my vision of sexy Jessica dressed in black wearing her black tights, and her high heels.

Next, Jessica and I went for lunch to nice restaurant.  Ironically, the waitresses wore black tight miniskirts, and shiny black hosiery.  She wanted to see my reaction to the servers.  Of course, my eyes were drawn to their sexy legs, and Jessica was very amused and interested.  Jessica insisted we try oysters on half shells, which I have never had.  She loved to see, and hear me slurp them down.

"Why were you so drawn to legs and hosiery?" Jessica inquired.

We chatted, and I confessed everything to her. In doing so, I felt very relieved, as if I had a heavy weight removed from my shoulders.  Later, I found out she was studying psychology in college, and was very interested in my quirk.  We talked a long time, and became better acquainted.  Jessica got to understand me, and my intense attraction to pantyhose and tights.

After lunch, we proceeded to go on various errands for her.  We went to a high end mall to shop, and headed for the lingerie department in a swanky store.  Then, Jessica explained about some feminine garments, and their purpose to see my reaction, sometimes rubbing against me to see if I was excited.  I told her that I was interested in the support foundations like control slips, and girdles, and Jessica loved learning about things that turned me on.

Next, we went to my favorite department in the high end store, the hosiery department.   I was so happy to touch and feel the hosiery samples, and look at the pantyhose packages; then read about the products without feeling judged by the clerk or anyone.  Jessica distinguished between styles and their purpose, deniers, and leg and pantie support.  She showed me what the ladies wore during the day, and also on special occasions like trolling for guys.  Also, Jessica gave her opinion on the best brands that felt right, and looked sexy for me. She loved European brands that were expensive. "Our hosiery fetish is not cheap little girl."

After her lecture regarding pantyhose and tights, we continued through the store.   She stopped at the Chanel make-up counter to see her friend and roommate Julia.  Julia was a drop-dead, tall beautiful blue eyed blond girl with long hair, shapely figure and eye-popping legs.  Her make-up was striking, and her lips very full.   She was dressed in a black blouse, black sexy mini-shirt, and wearing black tights with black high heels that made her even taller.   My eyes were on her face, and legs that seems to go on forever. Jessica introduced me as her friend, "Collant".  Julia smiled at me.  Then the girls talked privately, laughing and laughing, and they asked me to come into a room for VIP clients. I sat on a pink leather swivel chair.  This room was private, and had a door that Julia locked.  Next they proceeded to transform my face into a beautiful women's face with make-up.  I had to agree or else, and that process took an hour or more.

Lastly, Julia placed a beautiful, long haired, sexy brunette wig on me, and I was shocked at my beautiful, girly transformation.  Jessica took another picture. "Gotcha ya, sissy!  Don't worry, you look stunning," she laughed. 

Jessica demanded that I roll-up my pant legs to show Julia my tights.   No one but Jessica ever saw me in hosiery, and I was red-faced with humiliation.  Jessica warned me about what would happen if I didn't comply. Now she had me in two pictures of me wearing women's hosiery.  So, I reluctantly rolled up my pant legs, and the women were howling with laughter.

"You really are a little sissy," agreed the make-up artist Julia.

In appreciation of what they put me through, they started kissing me on my cheeks.  "Did our handsome sissy get her little feelings hurt?"  Jessica's friend Julia asked.  Then, Julia took off most of the make-up except the eye make-up.  When Julia finished, she sat on my lap, put my face in her hands, and passionately kissed me in a way that truly stimulated me, and then she left for a few minutes.

Jessica reminded me that I belonged to her now, and that was final.

A few minutes later, the make-up artist returned, and spoke silently to Jessica.  They agreed about something, and laughed.

"Sit back, I have a final treatment before I will remove all your make-up," Julia announced.

Julia had taken off her sexy black tights and placed them over my face, and head.The panty part of the tight was very moist, dripping Julia's fluids, and had a sweet perfumed scent.  I was enjoying the scent, as they were rolling on the floor in laughter.

" What is the the aroma you are inhaling in Julia's sexy black tights, little sissy?"  Jessica asked me.

"I bet that is Chanel perfume," I answered with my clever wit.

Jessica answered,  "You are quite the comedian little lady.  The sweet aroma you have inhaled is the feminine scent of power.  Only women have that scent, and wars have been fought over us. We rule the world, because we cause it to populate.  You have been given a privilege when you inhale our sweet perfumed scent.  I would suggest you remember my answer or face more embarrassment."

Julia asked me to remove my shoes and pants.  I removed them, and she beamed.  "Our little tree has grown a branch," laughed Julia. Jessica took another picture of me for her file on me.

"We are almost finished here with this little lady," said Julia.  Then, Julia touched my tights, and gently stroked my excited member.

Suddenly, Jessica yelled," Stop! We are going to continue this lesson later."

Julia immediately stopped touching me, and cleaned me up. Then, Jessica explained to Julia that I had three loads in my male instrument, and that's it for a 24 hour period.  One load was for each of us.  The women first, and then Collant last. "Then as payment for the his makeup and it's removal, Collant must clean my tight gusset ," said Julia.  So, I drank up her sweet, juicy,  *****-scented gusset.

"Hope you enjoyed your scrimp cocktail," laughed Julia.

Jessica suggested we go back to their place and have dinner, wine, and herb.  "You are going with us.  I promised you excitement, and you have no choice, dear sweet potent Collant," threatened sexy Jessica.

We had an excellent meal with lots of fine red wine.  During the meal, we chatted as if nothing odd had occurred.  Jessica stated, "You understand you can't be a little pregnant.  By wearing any woman's garment on a consistent basis and loving that feminine feeling, you are a cross-dresser.  There is no debate.  However, your situation is vastly different, it's very sexual.  You are aroused when you wear hose or see girls wearing hose.  That's so cool."

Julia was very curious and asked,  " Do you own any pantyhose or tights?"

I replied,  "No."  

Then she asked,  "Whose hose do you wear?"

"I reach into the dirty laundry bin, and take out my step mom's pantyhose, or mystepsister's tights, whatever was there or turned me on," I replied.

Both girls were laughing and howling so hard with the answer I gave.

"You mean you climaxed in their *****-hugging hosiery?" asked Jessica.  They continued to laugh hysterically.

"Hope you wiped your enthusiasm off their intimate wear," snickered Julia.

"You won't believe who his sister is," Jessica said.  "You'll find out later."

"Have you ever smelled or tasted their hose?  "Continued Julia.

"Never!" I lied."That would be like sleeping with them,"  I said.

"Not exactly you little sissy," said Jessica.

Julia asked me whose hose I preferred.  I told her that mom only wore black sheer pantyhose and my sister wore black tights. So for firmness, pantyhose, for color tights. Both girls nodded in agreement.

Jessica became serious, and made some statements. "Do you understand why you are with us?  You are a closeted cross-dresser who needed support. Over time, we will teach you about women, make-up, clothes, shoes, intimate apparel, hosiery, and how to please a girl.  We will teach you through a system of pleasure and reward. Everything we do to you is for your education, and benefit, but with your willing consent.  You will never be a woman, because that's not in your nature. You will never ever climax in your mom's or sister's hosiery, out of respect for them.  We will provide you with hosiery through a system of shades as a reward of achievements. In marital arts black is the color of the master, and in pantyhose training or leg art fetish training, the black shade of pantyhose works the same way. You must never tell anyone about your lessons with us.  You can never have intercourse with anyone except us.  We will always give you enough notice when pantyhose training classes are scheduled, to give you enough time for your body to make and store *****.  Do you agree?"

I nodded my head in agreement.

"Finally, was I right is assuming that you were not gay?" Jessica asked.

I told her that I am only attracted to women period, not bisexual.

Then, I started to sob like a little kid. The girls took me in their arms, because they knew the pain and torture I had been through, not by them, but by my mind."You are with family now.  We will love you like a sister, teach, and educate you in the sexual arts of leg art and of femininity.  Over time, you will become confident, poised, and radiant as a man, and also understand women.  Whenever you see a woman you will respect her as a special work of art, especially if she is pretty and wearing black hosiery,"  added beautiful Jessica.

Julia poured me drink, and gave me some herb to inhale.   Now I felt relieved, rested, and uninhibited.   Then, she asked me to remove my tights. She took the dance tights, folded them up put them in a zip- lock plastic bag, and came back with jet black pantyhose.   I was so excited. Both women put a smooth scented lotion on my legs, rubbed it in on my legs, and I easily slipped into the jet black pantyhose hose.  They were very tight, tighter than tights, and sheer.   However, the gusset was cut out.  Regardless, I was extremely excited.

"Your first lesson began as an overview of our course.  We began in the mall with some brief lectures on intimate body wear, now we will have a lab.  Lie back on the king-sized bed honey," said Jessica.

"Relax! We need to plan some more educational activities for our student.  Just because we chatted, ate, and drank together, don't ever forget you are our student,"said Julia.

Jessica removed her tights and came back to placed them over my face and head.  "Now you can inhale my musky perfume too. You will be trained to love the perfumed smell and taste of the female, and eventually acquire a taste for delicious *****."

Jessica came back and pulled my instrument through the gusset of my tight pantyhose.  Next, she put a latex condom on it. "We can't afford too much excitement," she said. "So whose tights smell better, mine or Julia's?  Would you like to sniff her tights some more you little wimp before you choose?" she teased.

Julia was laughing and asked,  "Tuna or mackerel, which fish do you like?"

Julia removed Jessica's tights from my face, and I inhaled some fresh air. Then, Jessica gently placed my head on a pillow, and I stared at both visions of beauty sitting in comfortable chairs wearing their beautiful black, sexy hosiery, dangling their very high black heels in front of me teasing me, and driving me mad with desire. After teasing me with their dangling shoes they got up, and reapplied make-up to me and each other.

Suddenly, Jessica took my missing gusset and waved it in front of me.  She came over to me and stuck her forefinger gently in my mouth causing me to slightly suck on it. Then, she stuck her wet finger inside her dark cave, and started moaning with pleasure for a moment.  Jessica stroked the gusset with her love juiced finger like she was painting a picture. Julia repeated the same performance, and painted the gusset with her own glistening juices. Both girls then inserted the black gusset in their own dark caves each until the gusset was very wet.  Julia then put the damp gusset in a small zip-lock bag.

"Whenever you are alone, and feel the urge to climax, because you have seen a beautiful girl in sexy black hosiery or any leg wear that stimulated you, take the gusset, inhale it, and think of the woman you fantasizing about," she suggested.  This fragrant gusset will be part of your learning material package to take home.

Afterward, they left the room and returned a few minutes later.  Both girls were also wearing gusset less, shiny black pantyhose. They looked very lovely, and they laid down one on each side of me. Each of them put one leg on my instrument.  Then, Jessica move to the opposite end of the bed.  Suddenly Jessica's nylon feet were stroking me on my instrument and it rose fully extended.

"Collant are you feeling just a little passionate?" They both sweetly inquired.

Then Julia stopped her nylon foot massage, and Julia started stroking my instrument very slowly, and suddenly stopped.  "His condom was secure," said Julia. "Put your arms out in a spread eagle position.  Do not touch us or yourself," she warned.

They both moved in front of me and started to kiss each other very passionately.  Then they started stroking, and touching each other.  Both girls got in front of me, and started to stimulate themselves with their fingers, and then stopped.  My beautiful teachers proceeded to get in an interesting position, and started their passion. They were masters at what they were doing, pleasing each other. Their moaning was fantastic, and I wanted to stroke my instrument to feel relief, because the love-making scene was so beautiful. When Jessica achieved ultimate pleasure, I heard a series of loud panting and a screeches. Then, Jessica inserted an object into Julia, and she exploded with joy.  Moments later Jessica stuck that object into Julia's mouth, and she drank her own fluids off of it, and licked her lips . When Julia finished sucking and licking it, she got up and left the bedroom to freshen-up.

Jessica also left and came back with some black tights, and poured me another drink to relax me. Then she put the black tights over my face and head. However, they were 100% opaque, and had a brand new smell to them, like never worn.  I couldn't see a thing.

"Little girl it's time to prove your manhood to us.  If you fail, you will never come back to Pantyhose School.  One of us will please you, but you won't know who. Your eyes are covered by your favorite fetish garment. Never think you pleased us, or made love to us.  The love part must be earned and taught.  You won't be able to give us any pleasure, because you haven't been trained to yet.  You are only permitted to touch and feel our smooth, silky, hosed legs, nothing more.  We will control your level of excitement, and when we feel its cool we will give you permission to climax," said Jessica.

Suddenly, I felt warm, soft, and tender feminine lips on my instrument.  he pleasure was so intense, then it stopped, and I was squeezed to control me. Next, a lubricant was rubbed on my excited part, and fingers took my passion.  An unknown girl got on top of me, and inserted my organ into her tight damp cave. I felt her smooth silky hose on her legs. Then, she started to go up, and down very slowly with a rhythm. I started thinking about what Jessica wore when she picked me up, and how beautiful she looked.  Also, I thought about the beautiful blond,  Julia and her sexy body as well. In my mind, I heard Julia moaning as Jessica plowed her. The rhythm increased faster, and I was penetrating deeper into her cave, but I couldn't hold back.  Then within only a few moments Jessica said, it's time honey, let go!" I shot an intense explosion into the condom.  My entire body shook with pure joy, and my unknown mounter got off me. Then long fingers took my condom, and slowly removed it from my shaft.

"We have set a timer for 25 minutes.  Rest, and we'll be back,"Julia said.

I was relieved, exhausted and confused.  I had intercourse with a girl, and didn't know who she was.  Normally, I would see a hot hosed girl, go home, and raid the dirty laundry late at night for pantyhose or tights, then imagine that beautiful hosed girl, and satisfy my need. Now this thing has happened. I was in the presence of two beautiful hosed girls today showering me with extreme attention.

The timer went off, and both beauties returned as before.    Jessica poured me another drink. Next, each girl got on one side of me. Jessica began to kiss me passionately, as Julia gently stroked on my instrument to excite me, and stopped quickly.Then she put a new latex condom on me. "All secure," she said.

Next, they got up and started to make love to each in front of me, like before. I was so excited to see the passion, emotion, and hear the moaning sounds. This time Julia plowed Jessica's furrow. "I'm so wet.

"Me too.  Plow me harder baby." When they finished, Jessica rolled over to speak to me.

"Time for your second load to be fired you little sissy," said Jessica.  A mouth started to stimulate me, and then a lubricant was applied.  Then, a different teacher mounted me.  She was not as tight, and well greased. I slid in easily, and she started to ride me.  Up and down very slowly and then increased her speed. I was feeling the urge to explode, and she stopped. She got off, and her fingers squeezed my excitement to stop the urge, so I lost my concentration. They started laughing at me.

"Would like me to massage your passion with my sexy, black, shiny, nylon legs?" a voice inquired.

"We don't have much time, and we had better finish him quickly."

Long slender fingers started pumping me, and I rose to the occasion. The mysterious woman mounted, and inserted me. As she went up and down I started to feel the sensation to explode, and then a lubricated condom covered finger was inserted in my rear end.

"OK Collant, fire your cannon." I could not hold back, and shot my second load off.

Afterward, someone gently removed my bloated condom.

A while later, both women appeared, and were dressed to the hilt in their sexy black apparel.

"We have to meet a friend, and had to decide what to do with your last load. After considerable thought, we made the decision to release you early from school. Your assignment is to write an essay regarding what you learned today and this evening. Other instructions were in an envelope in the pantyhose packet. It is mandatory to complete all your work, or you will fail from the course, and be dropped," warned Jessica.

Julia quickly cleansed off my make-up, and then I took off the gusset less black pantyhose, showered, and got dressed.   Jessica gave me a package containing a writing journal, the scented gusset bag, and shiny, silky suntan pantyhose as part of my learning material. I asked her about the shiny black tights I wore today.

She said," If we promoted you, you would earn the right to wear black pantyhose or black tights at home or school like a black belt in the martial arts.  You would be a proud Black Pantyhoser in the Fetish of Leg Art, which obviously entails much more then slipping into a pair of pantyhose as I previously explained to you. Your beautiful shaved legs would be sheathed in black nylon honor when you achieved everything we have taught you."

We arrived at my house, and my beautiful Latina older stepsister Kendra, was waiting for Jessica and Julia. She was dressed in a black mini-dress, black tights, and black high heels. "Hi guys how are you? Ready to party tonight?" she asked her friends.

"It's so funny that you arrived together." Julia said," We met outside. Your little brother Collant is a nice respectful guy."

"We have to hurry, I have booked another student for tutoring," said Jessica.

"That's great," my stepsister said.

Then, my stepsister said to Jessica, "Did you find a package of black shiny dance tights in a little bag at your place?"

 "Yes I did," Jessica said.

I looked at Jessica, and remembered that was the package she brought over earlier. I've been set up by my stepsister Kendra.

All of us chatted briefly, and I hugged all the girls warmly, and also told them how beautiful they all looked in my favorite color black. Then, I whispered into Jessica's ear, "Kendra teaches at the Pantyhose School doesn't she." Jessica nodded her head.

Jessica asked the girls if we could speak privately for a moment.   We stepped aside, and revealed everything to me. "Kendra was the Headmistress and founder of the Pantyhose School for the Feminization of Men.  She asked me as the head instructor to take you under my wing, and teach you about women and being a girl so you would be a complete cross-dresser, a very long process. Did you enjoy your first day of class?"

Kendra then told me, " You had been wearing mom's and my hosiery for a long time.  We have a special relationship because of your fetish. I took your virginity away with my pantyhose.  So, I got Mistress Jessica involved to train you to become what you really were, a cross-dresser.  We knew how much you were attracted to her.  Therefore, she was the best choice of all my mistresses.  I will not get involved with your training, but will monitor your progress. Of course I will do you anytime I felt like it," she said.

Kendra continued, "We have rules at my fetish school. You will never take or borrow any article of the girls clothes. You will never have more than a pair of our pantyhose in your possession. You will bring the pantyhose back to school, and launder them along with the girls fragrant intimates. You will never try on mom's or my hosiery or our intimates, ever. You are not permitted to be intimate with any other girls except your dedicated mistress instructors. Do your homework, or you will be expelled, and exposed to everyone you know including mom. This school will not cost you anything, because I have given you a scholarship. Others pay us hundreds of dollars for tuition to study with us to learn the fetish of Leg Art and feminine charm.  But we will charge you for hosiery, intimates, clothes, shoes, and make-up. Nothing is permitted home except pantyhose for homework purposes.  Are you in agreement?"

I hugged Kendra and said," Thanks for making my dreams come true," I said. All my girl friends laughed. I felt so relieved, and excited about the future.

Finally, the girls left, and I went upstairs to put my material away.

That evening, I pondered about the events of the day, as I opened the package, and took out my precious pantyhose from it's envelope. Inside the panty was a small pink perfume scented envelope, and I opened it up. There was a note with a condom package. The note said that I was to do the following late at night:

1. Make sure your legs are smooth and feet are clean.
2. Smell the gusset, it had a mysterious maiden's love juice scent on it.
3. Put the enclosed condom on.
4. Slide into your silky pantyhose
5. Then fantasize about us while pleasuring yourself into the condom.
6. You must bring the ***** dried condom to class or you have failed.

Later that night, as I laid in bed wearing silky suntan pantyhose, and loving the feeling of the tight nylon/spandex on my lower body. I reflected on the events of the day, about hosiery, and how powerful a tool it was in right hands, and also about the love I received. Next, I thought about the extreme pleasure the girls gave me while we wore hosiery. Then, I imagined the girls in their sexy clothes, black nylons and high heels, and how excited I was to hang out with them. Also, I thought about all the scents I sniffed, and how erotic those scents were. I was stroking myself faster and faster as I was thinking, and then I exploded my last load into the condom. My climax gave me so much intense pleasure that I shook with afterglow in my soft, silky, tight nylons.

The girls and I became extremely close friends, because of our intense hosiery fetish. A few years later, Jessica became a sex therapist with the money she earned as a Prima Donna fetish mistress. Julia and my stepsister Kendra went to LA to become very successful in the adult film industry acting, writing, producing films, and a fetish outcall service exclusive for bi women. Years later, I'm still affected by this addiction to hosiery, the beautiful women wearing hosiery, and grateful to my stepsister Kendra.

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I get so @@@ picturing your long, stiff @@@@ jutting out through the gusset of your shiny, sheer black pantyhose...

i'm glad you were and still are grateful for your training. Perhaps it was the writing style, but your story led me to believe that you enjoyed it too much to be upset about the path to which these experiences took you. my one poignant regret is that you still only like Women; i will admit that my similar experiences took me down an entirely different path.

I hope i can get a girlfriend who loves to wear pantyhose/nylons!

There are 16 stories in my library on E.P. Hope you read them all, because that's all folks. Happy reading and savor every second your skin touches nylon/spandex. Look at your legs as they are sheathed in hosiery. Appreciate your arousal and act upon it to achieve pleasure.

I hope one day i can find a person or people like this to help train me. Any suggestions?

Great 👌

Fabulous story , Jessica although very glamorous and drop dead gorgeous does seem to be a bit of a ***** , but does have a slightly gentle side and though you seem to be being bullied , you are quite willing to go ahead with this all , as it is what you really want and Jessica taking pics of you, well let's face it, you love it and want more, and like many other of us girls on here, wished it happened to them xxx

You were exactly right about everything. I am what I am, and you were brilliant in expressing your thoughts about me. xxx

I love this story. I wish this would happen to me.

oh my, i'm so dazed, I so need to be sissified

all men should be sissified by a gorgeous girl or girls;) thanks for enjoying my story....:)

Wow were can I join this school because you said your sister educates other people for over a hundred pounds are they still doing the school because they have gone off to do careers and I was wondering if I could join :)

it doesn't exist as a school now...she operates among other things an escort service. thanks for enjoying this story. i hope you read the others i've written related to our favorite garment....pantyhose combined with sex;)

Inspiring! A masterpiece. I've been reasing while enjoying the feel of several 1980's shiny, slippery Warners slips. Winky and the Twins are sheathed in a seamless vintage Hanes stocking with nude heel and toe. Two layers of slick both sides) polyester of the slips gliding over and around the 15 denier Hanes is almost too much . . .

that was sooo kind of you!!!! please find my other adventures i.e. would enjoy them i am sure;) i am sure winky and the twins are loving every second of their nylon ;0

I truly wish I could have had your life. It might have kept me out of Vietnam. You girl. are beautiful

i am grateful and flattered by your wonderful words. bless you my dear friend:))

Great story...! Please add me as a friend; I would love to see your photos.

Where is this school?

thanks for enjoying this story. :p

p.s. billy thanks for the thumbs up, it was deeply appreciated!!!

Again I am in awe of your stories. You have led the life I only dreamed of and have done so with poise and beauty, Congratulations, girlfriend

thanks honey....i welcomed your thoughts..i have also added u to my circle. xoxo

ps thanks for the thumbs!! xoxo

I was fixated with every word!
Your brilliant descriptions of every detail is absolutely fabulous!

hi candy..hugs to you and my deepest appreciation..this was my first story that explained how i became me..i'm sooo happy you enjoyed it!!! xoxo

hey sophia..thanks 4 taking a moment to read my first story about the ph school. i really appreciated you kind words. have you ever heard about guys having a fetish for pantyhose...i mean u must think we are very twisted? it's what it is.. hope u read my other stories as well....i know you'd be amused:)) collant ...p.s.i love it when girls like yourself read my stories...and then comment about the motivates me to continue telling all.

great story its good,ur learning about women oxoxox good luck


Thank you that is quite a post. I think I have a brother who went through and probably still going through what you did. My first clue was when my mother thought I was going through her pantyhose since I was the only other girl in the house but I think it was my brother. I look forward to reading the rest of your stories and maybe it will help me with my brother.


wow...sounds like your brother has the pantyhose addiction...maybe you could help him..? have you read my earliest stories? they would explain more about the fetish and how it's affecting me and others. i think that something in the brain starts it.

I have not read your earliest stories yet but plan on doing that. I think your writing is fantastic and plan on reading all of your stories.

hi kelli..i hope you read my earlier stories about how i found my mom's and sister's leg wear and used them as a source of sexual fantasy and sexual release..from a very early age..XOXO

Oh Collant I have read your earlier stories and they are very eye opening for me. Your writing skills are fantastic and I love reading all of your stories and look forward to reading more by you in the future.


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I love your story. It just looks like so real. I am interested in which parts of the story are your true experience. Would u mind telling us?

my stories were written about actual events that happened to me. my sister was a huge catalyst with nurturing my fetish to an extreme level of sex. i hope you read the other stories i have written to understand me further. thanks for reading this story. your comments were deeply appreciated.:)))

I just loved your story so full of exciting detail your girls really using you as much for their pleasure as yours with threats of revealing your sexy!

thanks for taking the time to read this story, and for leaving a very kind comment about it. it was appreciated very much.:)

Great story

appreciated your nice comment:)

Wonderful Story

thanks soooo much:)

What a story and what a life you have ; ) all started when i became hooked on taking a first drink..thanks for reading and commenting :)

I think it is the best and the honest pantyhose story in my life. Thanks Collantgusset to share your sensual intelligence with us. In My Opinion it is the deepest psychic story around the world. :)

hi qqvvbb...thank you for such kind words. i was very touched. :)

I think i fell in lust with Jessica. What a lucky girl Collant

hi anna..i was sooooooooooooo lucky:)

You certainly were sweetie :))

Incredible story! Well-written and original. It makes me very sad that I hadn't met such wonderful mistresses/instructors when I was a teenager to teach me the ways of pantyhose love..

hi ep..thankyou for your kind comments, because they were appreciated and treasured. those of us affected by this fetish can appreciate what we have encountered in our lives and the challenges we all face.

Fabulous! What a fantastically well written story!! It took me a while, because everytime I would start to read it, I would get interrupted. I honestly believe you could actually expand this into a book or a movie.

hi sis..i value your opinion very highly...and i agree this story could be an interesting film or book. it's great to communicate with people, like yourself who understand our thing..causes, effects and genetics.

interesting to read.. I took the time too. and can you add me tyvm..

thanks for your kind words. hope you read my other stories:)

wow thats must have been an experiance. i wish i had that oppertunity. keep up the great stories!!! oh and GO ROCKETS!!!! ;-)