First Time In Pantyhose

I have not written in so long, but please see my earlier experiences, especially my first bra, because it relates to this one.

My aunt, who bought me my first bra, also at that time when I was a young teenager, gave me a pair of pantyhose, also my first pair. The hose were L'eggs. Remember how they came in their own little plastic egg? They were a suntan control top. My aunt had just shown me how to put on a bra and shown me she had pantyhose for me, too.

I was standing there in my new bra and my old boy's underpants. The bra fit like it had been made for me. The underpants, to be blunt, looked ridiculous on me.

She said "Wearing a bra with boys' underpants looks silly and besides I have noticed they don't fit you correctly." She was right. As I was going through puberty, my hips had begun to spread and I was getting this round feminine-shaped bottom. My boys' underpants (and boys' pants) were starting to be too tight across the hips and in the rear, but were right or even loose in the waist. To get them to fit my hips and bottom, the waist would be too large. My aunt said to try on the pantyhose and was certain they would fit and feel better, that I would soon come to prefer them, and besides that they made sense to wear with my bra. She smiled a little, as she made that last comment.

She told me that, while I am sure you will soon love to be in pantyhose, they can be difficult to put on without tearing, ripping or running the delicate nylon material. And besides, using the proper techniques to put on pantyhose will extend the life of your hosiery and ensure a smooth, comfortable fit.

She had me take off my boys' underpants. I felt embarrassed to be naked down there in front of her, but she said "nonsense, I am a nurse; this is nothing I have not seen or touched a thousand times for work." Her manner and her actions soon put me at ease, also. I recall her saying in a nice way how small I was and that would make it easier and look nicer, too, in my pantyhose. It was the first time I had ever been complimented for being so small there, as locker rooms, and gym class, the Y, and the pool had been a hell of taunting and smirking. The favorite wise crack was that it looked like a baby's or that the girls' locker room was across the hall. Ha ha ha.

My aunt just gave my penis a little quick light pinch, nothing sexual, and nothing but friendly and sweet, and I remember her saying "It is so cute, cute as a button, and with the control top, we will tuck this little thing away so neatly, it won't even be in your way at all ever again." I sort of liked the idea of it not being there because it had brought me little but pain and ridicule so far. She then started to show me how to put on pantyhose.

Gather one leg of the pantyhose to the toe. Starting at the waist, roll down to the toe using your thumbs along the inside of one leg and index fingers along the outside. When you are done, you will be holding the toe and waist of the pantyhose, with the leg of the hosiery bunched up in between your index fingers and thumbs.

Now stretch the toe seam. From inside the toe of the pantyhose, gently press your thumbs horizontally to the outer edges of the toe seam.

Then place your foot into the toe of the pantyhose. Your toes should only touch the toe pocket. As you put your foot into the pantyhose, curl your toes so you don't snag the nylon fabric. Position the toe seams horizontally across your toes to keep the pantyhose from twisting as your pull them over your legs.

Pull the pantyhose gently over your heel. To avoid a toe cutting through the pantyhose fabric, put your foot on the floor with just your toes touching as you pull the hosiery over your heel.

Bring the pantyhose over your calf, knee and mid-thigh. Pull the hose up gently; do not forcefully yank it up or you may tear the fabric.

Do the exact same with the other leg

Now alternate legs as your stretch the pantyhose up to your waist. Be careful not to tug too hard or poke your finger through the hosiery. When you get to the waist, make sure the panty portion of the hosiery is not twisted or feels comfortable.

Finally, make sure the hose fits snugly against your crotch. Any sagging there will feel uncomfortable and you will chafe before the day is over.

At this point she reached down the waistband, inside the panty, and said "now I am going to arrange you. It might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but just relax, I won't hurt, and soon, this is the way you will feel most comfortable." She then gently slid my tiny testicles up into the cavity in my body, saying "all babies start out female in the womb, and then for the males, the testicles descend. I am just sliding them back to the space they were originally in. They are so small, it will be an easy fit and you will hardly feel anything." She was right. It felt a little funny/different at first, but within minutes, felt just fine. I remember thinking I actually preferred them this way, as it felt nice to have them surrounded and warm and held snug inside me. My aunt said, because the pantyhose were control top, they had some holding power and would keep everything nicely where it belonged."

She then, still reaching into my control top panty, took the tip of my penis between her thumb and pointer finger, and said this will be so easy, too, so just relax. She told me that the male penis was typically about 6 inches, but I was lucky that mine was only an inch or so. Again, it was so different and nice to hear this like it was a good thing. She said men who wear pantyhose have to "tuck" their penis, which is essentially pulling it back, both so the pantyhose fit best, but also looked best, too. "You notice how women have that smooth pretty V in their crotch silhouette while men are lumpy and unattractive in their pants down there? You will look so nice when we are through, and we are just about done now. Hasn't it been easy so far?" I agreed. At which point, while saying "we will not have to tuck with you," she quickly and firmly, but gently, with the tip of her pointer finger to the tip of my penis head, pushed my penis sort of back into itself, and I guess you would say into me, and took her hand from my panty and pulled the control top firmly and fully in place, now pressing the palm of her hand to the outside of the crotch. All gone." Was all she said, but she had this angelic smile.

My aunt then stood back, clearly pleased with herself, her handling of things, and looked at me, admiring her handiwork. She obviously approved, complimented me on how good I looked and how cooperative I had been, and was quite proud of herself, too. "Take a look in the mirror."

I loved what I saw and was it bit taken aback, both by what I saw and how I felt about it. In the mirror was the body of a teenage girl in her bra and pantyhose. Nobody would ever think otherwise.

My bra fit like it had been made for me. My crotch looked just like a girl's in my pantyhose. Plus, the panty top also fit my shape perfectly. Smooth to my hips, contouring to my bottom, and perfect at the waist. Everything fit so comfortably and looked so right, I started to cry.

My aunt hugged me and said she knew those were tears of joy and relief because everything suddenly felt right after being wrong for so long.

Still embracing me, she said, "What a good start. There is so much more for us to do, and it will be so fun and make you feel and look so right."
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Nice your mom let you see her putting on her pantyhose

Wow, your aunt is pure gold! To be shown how to dress and with such love for you!
I know that was some time ago but I hope she is alive and well she sound such a good person to have with you!

Yes, I am lucky

So nice! Thank you for the wonderful story! :)
Great aunt you have...

And I just love the way pantyhose feel and look, don't you? I know some women cannot wait to get home from work to take off their pantyhose. Starting in fall, I will often just hang around the house in pantyhose or tights or even leggings and an oversized t shirt or sweatshirt. Feels so nice

you got two thumbs to you and your aunt.

Thank you for your nice comment. I do feel fortunate

what a wonderful story Sam... U are very lucky indeed! :)

I look forward to our corresponding and thank you for your compliments

Sam, I have read your stories to this one! You are a wonderful person! You were taught right in many ways by at least 3 GG's! What a nice family! I am getting tired and need to put more wood in stove to stay warm tonight before I go to bed! Thanks again for friending me! Sent you my e-mail in private message! I will tell you more about myself there and other things I am involved in! All good and legal! LOVE and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS!

Thank you for commenting and I will read your stories

your girlschool was so perfect with your lovely aunt ,mother ,, read my story pls i was4 5 years ago star without moom support weraing her stockings and pantyhose i know she knew but mom never said nothing ,today (my wife hate PH) so i wearing PH dail yyears and years i can not live anymore without PH ,daily made me so horny ,femiinine , simpl yi feel so great like woman..kisses

gummy, sounds like you enjoyed yourself :)

Oh, jam, I am sorry to hear that

You are lucky, your aunt helped you and sounds understanding. I have hidden so much from people I live in a closet.

Thank you for tasking the time to write and share your life with us; an interesting story. Neat about your aunt too.

These ARE my life experiences, so thank you for the kind words. Hope you also enjoy the other experiences I have shared

She was and still is. For years she has treated me like a niece and friend. It is nice we are only 10 years apart, too.

Your aunt sounds like a fantastic lady

josy, thank you for the nice comment.
smooth, I cannot even imagine not being tucked away, so ugly not to.

Beautiful story ! Very well written and detailed. I love wearing hosiery too ! My gf always "tucks" me into my pantyhose ! Love the way it makes me look so feminine. Happy wearing !!!

thank you for posting this, so sweet.

tghubby, sounds like we have some things in common. Who has helped you?

We do have quite a bit in common, I think. ;-) As for who helped me, well it was my mother from age 6 through my teen years, then when I went to college it was several gals in a womens club on campus who "adopted" me, and then it was my girlfriend, who is now my wife.

Thank you. These are just things from my past that have stayed with me and I have replayed many times to understand as best I could

I love the detail you put in your stories!

Thank you. I still practice today what my aunt taught me almost 20 years ago.

Great story. Totally agree with pointing your toes and arching your leg to fit the nylons on legs - and it really feels great too -

I actually feel best tucked, Candice

Thank you for the compliment, Yvonne.

I will look at your stories, harem, and give you some reaction.

If you have a spell,read some of my stories,you will see we have a lot in common.

Beautiful story! What a wonderful Aunt! The tuck method is still uncomfortable, especially the testicles. But I keep practicing!

bahli, here is hoping you are quite small down there, too, and X, here is wishing you were bigger up there :)

I had to discover that tuck methon by trial and error, but it works great and I love the look and feel. Thanks for sharing.

Those are forms, sometimes I wish they were real but not enough to make me take that step.

and from your pix, a bra to support your boobs :)

I have a supportive and helpful wife.:)

You must tell me all about what you have now. I am so glad for you

I wish I'd had someone to help me back then but i have someone now so all's good:) Wonderful story.