I Finally Did It!!!!

Ok so on sunday october 14th 2012, I brought my pantyhose at a store by myself for the first time.
I was so so nervous and I really feel happy so let me tell you what happened. So I asked my sister to buy me some pantyhose and she said ok, so we went to wal-mart and the kind of pantyhose I wanted was not there and my sister was like well alright well since they don't have the ones you want lets go take me home so I said alright( Cause I was taking her back to her apartment for college) So I took her back home and when I left I thought to myself, I shouldn't be scared anymore to buy pantyhose and I really wanted new pantyhose because my other ones were already getting holes and and runs. So after I dropped her off I went to wal-mart and went in there and looked for the ones I wanted, but they didn't have them so I left and went to another wal-mart that was close by and went in there and I noticed a cashier that was pretty much alone and I said to myself well if I hurry up I can get there and nobody notice. So I went to the hosiery section and found the ones I wanted and as I was searching some people passed me but I payed no mind. So I got the ones I wanted and left to go pay for them, when I got there there was 2 women in front of me and I had the pantyhose in my right hand and I was telling myself for those women to hurry up lol. So when the cashier finally got done with them My turn was up and I put the pantyhose on the whatever thing and she rang them up and she didn't say a word to me and I already had noticed that a women got behind me and was getting ready to put her stuff on the tray thing but she didn't say anything either. So I swept my card and she put them in the bag and I walked out and when I was outside I was so so happy that I finally got the courage to buy pantyhose myself and now I think I will buy them myself all the time.
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That is so great!!!!

New to this site and oh my goodness. I thought I was the only one with this fascination with stockings, pantyhose and all things nylon. I was in my late 20's when I felt like such a freak buying my first pair of stockings for myself.

The woman I am dating now does not know about this quirk of mine. During the day I'm a pretty well off working professional. With a pretty normal life.

At night though when i'm not with her I would secretly put on her pantyhose and stockings

I really don't know how to break it to her. :(

My first time was when I was 25 and it was as exciting as hell. I worried about work colleagues seeing me as in the city where I worked. It was near Christmas and I wanted to treat myself. The shop assistant wanted to help further at the till with other tights that might also have been of interest. The younger assistance didn't know where to put her face. I felt braver afterwards but a shame the tights where not an ideal fit. I have shopped for them occasionally since despite internet shopping as it is such a thrill.

Buying your own is good as you start to make them your life. We start out effectively taking or borrow them... it should be like this as women wear god knows what clothes and feel whatever they want about them without men having a clue.

Fabulous sweetie

Sweet story sugar;trust me it get so much easier the more you buy things;I can remmember the first time also and i still get excited wanting to get home and try them on giggle hope we can be friends xx

You go Girl! See it was no big deal was it? I am proud you bought them yourself. Next time wear a pair with shoes and no socks. Just do things one step at a time and you will do great.

That's nice...."goes to walmart" jk

Interesting story. Do not ever apologize for who you are. I dont know what your sexual preference is and I dont care. No one can make you feel furious without your permission. In life, there will always be critics and thats something that wont change until we all die. Try not to focus on the opinions of others because it only matters what you think, not them. Some people are under the perception that they have to do what others say because its the norm but if no one was different then it would be a boring world. Respect is greater than the clothes you wear, the car you drive, where you live, who you have sex with or why you fail or succeed, the key is not to judge so you will not be judged. So, the next time you go to buy some panty house and am assuming you are a male, so what! Have fun with it, pick the ones you like best, take it to the register, say hi and how are you to the clerk, say thank you after its packaged and walk away with your head held high.

stoked for you, babe! the right pair of pantyhose changes everything.

I remember how nervous I was when I bought my first pair of stockings. It was in a small local lingerie shop with the suspender/garter belts upstairs (bought one of these first) and then the stockings and hose downstairs.

The woman upstairs went out of her way to put me at ease. Then in the stockings section downstairs there were two women buying tights/hose. They gave me a very had stare.

Since then however I have bought loads of pairs of both stockings and tights. Very rarely somebody will make a comment like 'hope those aren't for you'. My response can vary on my mood from a wry smile to a denial or actually yes they are, nice aren't they? That one tends to freak some people out but that's not my problem.

Some of my favourite tights/hose are the golden lady brand which I buy from Asda (UK flavour of Walmart). Just love them and I can just put them in with all the rest of my shopping.

I dont have a clue how it feels, but I sure know that my ex loved it. I would not sight the department if I ever was with her. It was too embarrassing to tag along

You what's even hotter is when a woman notices you have them and asks you what do you like about that brand of pantyhose and before you know it you and her are in a pantyhose discussion and yet she talks to you like your one of the ladies that makes sooo excited I don't know if any of you have seen my story of how I was walking on the walking trail in pantyhose, bike shorts and leotard and two extremely attractive ladies and their dog stopped me and i swquatted to pet the dog and they complimented me on my beautiful leggs and we got to talking about what color pantyhose we wear just like I was one of the girls and before I knew it I was at the dept store in the hoseiry section and shopping with the two of them and other ladies were admiring my leggs an chatting with me mind you at first I was franticly nervous but there was no turning back for I went in their car so I absolutely had to go where they went we had breakfast at ihop too in between i was very secure feel i was by far the most liberating feeling I've ever felt in pantyhose!!! I still walk with them from time to time. Many xoxoxo to my two ladies who liberated my love for pantyhose

I had same thoughts as you. But I notice after I buy pantyhose myself for the first time, most cashiers and customers are busy with their own day. They rarely look at what you buy. :) I buy my pantyhose in stores all the time now.

Very proud of you sweetie!!! Next promise me that you will go buy new one while wearing pantyhose even more of the turn you pantyhose hottie!! Ps It turned me on sooo much one night walking around walmart in pantyhose that in the hosiery isle I had and orgasum in the store I exploded in my pantyhose I was wearing i climaxed so bad I fell to my knees in the such a sexy experience thank goodness I was wearing black spandex bike shorts needless to say I had a hell of a wet spot ;)))

cool i do the same thing all the time to

It is such a rush buying hosiery ! I love going to the mall and buying pantyhose or thigh highs almost as much as I love wearing them !!

I love buying them its such a rush and feels so good when you get back in your car. I get so horny looking at them i rush home to put them on. I think I read a stat somewhere that 60 or 70% of pantyhose sales are from men. You can't tell me 60 or 70% are buying them for their wives;)

How wonderful! you will love buying them on your own for ever now!

Good for you gurl. Now one of these days you will be asked if these are for a gift, or for your wife or something like that. Just say no they are for me and see what happens. I have and have not gotten anything but exceptional service as you can tell in one of my stories on my page.

I remember when I brought my first pair,I was nervous as anything,now I don't give it a second thought,any way well done on buying your first pair

Jayne xxx