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The Pantyhose School For The Feminization Of Men: Getting Ready For Pantyhose Laundry Day

I had been given a scholarship to the Pantyhose School for the Feminization of Men by my stepsister and founder Kendra. Two mistresses had been handpicked to teach me the fetish of Leg Art, and how to be an accomplished cross-dresser. Kendra paid many girls to work with her, but chose Jessica and Julia to instruct me in those sexual arts.

Mistress Julia, one of my instructors called me, and reminded me that we had a class at the Pantyhose School for tomorrow evening. She also asked me if she could stop over before she went to her job at the Chanel makeup counter at a high end department, because she wanted to prep me for tomorrow's class.

Shortly afterward, there as a knock at my door, and there stood beautiful, blond, long legged, Julia, one of my mistress instructors. She was wearing her work clothes: black blouse, tight black miniskirt, and black high heeled stilettos. Julia said," Hi Collant. Look at my sexy black, back seamed pantyhose." She came in and turned in a circle for me to admire. I was in awe of her hosiery, because it was extremely sexy. She smiled, because she knew my eyes were glued to her long black hosed legs. "Well honey, do you like them? I'll bet you would like to touch my sexy legs, and maybe slip on my hot pantyhose as well little girl. Then ******** in them."

"Mistress, you are so beautiful, and your legs are too," I said.

Julia had a small bag in her hands. "Collant, lets go up to your bedroom," she directed. When Julia tells me to do something, I do what is requested of me, because the Pantyhose School had many pictures of me in compromising positions wearing pantyhose, and if I didn't do what was asked of me, those pictures would be shown to everyone I knew, causing me major humiliation. We went upstairs to my bedroom, and we sat down on my bed.

"Collant, go take a quick shower and cleanup, because I have to get to work at the Chanel counter very shortly," said Julia. I quickly cleaned up, and appeared with only a towel around my waist. Julia was smiling. "You were smart for not dressing. Have you ever worn sexy, girly panties before?" asked Julia. I told her that I never had. Then, Julia told me to get my shiny, suntan pantyhose which the school allows me to have, and bring them to her.

I got out my pantyhose and Julia inspected them. "Collant you have taken good care of these. No runs or snags, good girl," she said. Then she opened her little bag, and took out a pair of sexy, black, nylon bikini panties. "I have worn these, and she put them up to my face and nose."Inhale, she commanded. Of course, she did not have the fish scent, because she was immaculate.

"Now put my hot black panties on, and then slip into your pantyhose," said Julia. I immediately put her black panties on under my tight, shiny suntan pantyhose, and had a huge raging hard-on. Julia smiled as though she knew that would be my reaction to her command. Next, she slipped on a pair of black kid leather gloves over her long sensuous fingers.

"Tomorrow we have a class at our fetish school, and you have to wash our body wear. Unfortunately, your hosiery was just too clean, and we needed to dirty it up just a bit little girl," said Mistress Julia. She commanded me to lie back on my bed.

Julia said," Spread out your arms. You are forbidden to touch me." Then, I did as she said. I was dressed in her black panty and my suntan pantyhose. She gently inserted her hand beneath both garments with a gloved leather hand, and gently lifted my shaft. "Have you ever felt leather like this on your pole?" Next, she started stroking me slowly, and blood surged into my shaft causing it to jump to attention. I was having a feeling of extreme pleasure with the soft leather going up and down on my passion."Close your eyes, and think of what I looked like today, pretend you are me with long blond hair, big ****, slim waist, long legs, and a beautiful face. Think of my sheer, sexy, black, back-seamed pantyhose, and think of my black miniskirt and black stilettos. JustĀ imagine that you are now wearing my sexy clothes, my hot panties and nylons. Now think of the first class we had, and the ******* you had with us. Just think about how beautiful we made you up to look.

I was running all those visions of what Julia was saying in my mind, and she was stroking me a little faster, and then stopped. Then, she asked me to face down on my mattress, and to start to imagine that she was the mattress; then make love to it by ************ lovingly into the panties, and pantyhose using the mattress for friction on my shaft. I was doing what she commanded. " As soon as you feel your *** explosion, quickly flip over so I can see your mess.

I was jacking-off using the mattress for friction, and Julia's smooth nylon panties felt so good on my erection. Suddenly, Mistress Julia wearing her black, sexy, professional business attire slipped the back of my pantyhose and panties down, and stuck her smooth leather gloved forefinger into my rear so that I exploded violently into her panties. Then, I immediately turned over so she could see my spilled mess on her black pantie intimate.

"You have done well little girl. Take off your pantyhose and my panties, but don't you dare spill a drop of your milk little cow," she warned. I did as she directed, and then she rubbed her panties into my pantyhose pantie to make a nice white, gooey mess.

"Now, Collant you have done a nice job of soiling my panties with your joy. As a reward you may get on your knees and gently stroke my black nylon legs and sniff them." I felt so happy, and was immediately stroking, sniffing, and petting her fantastic, soft, black, back-seamed nylons, and soon I achieved another *****. Julia saw my excitement and commented,"That's my Collant, always horny."

Next, she told me to lie on my back on my bed as she lifted up her short, tight, black miniskirt, and in a squatting position, gently placed her ***** covered hose above my face. "Gaze up at my pantyhose gusset, and inhale my girly scent. Now take your long tongue, and flick it over my gusset crotch slowly. I will then tweak your tongue speed, and she instructed me how to use my tongue, and when to speed up.

Shortly afterward, Julia was moaning loudly with extreme pleasure from my tongue actions on her panty crotch. I loved hearing her moaning sounds,"Tongue me faster *****!" she commanded. I was causing this beautiful girl wearing eye candy clothes to *** in my face, and she did. Her creamy fluids were coming on her pantyhose gusset, and then she got up to straighten her back seams of her breath-taking black hosiery. I loved watching her smoothly stroke her nylons. Julia smiled and said,"You did fine little girl."

Julia put her panties, and my pantyhose in the little bag, and said," Finish your other fetish homework before we meet tomorrow or else sissy. Hope you enjoy doing our body wash using your tongue in pantyhose fetish class." She smiled, and kissed me passionately, then she left for her job at the Chanel counter.

Tomorrow, I get to wash Mistress Jessica and Mistress Julia's dainties with my pantyhose. What did Julia mean by saying using my tongue? Maybe it was her warped sense of humor. Then I thought of putting my tongue on Julia's black, back-seamed pantyhose, and maybe wearing them and jacking off in them? I hope that I have the energy to do the other fetish tasks as commanded by my two gorgeous mistresses.

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Really special thank you

Your are starting to become a very good sissy Collant, although I feel that in time you might cease being a sissy and become a lady
Jayne xxx

you may be right about that;)

Who could be so good to you! I hope you have a lovely time in there hands.

it was;)

Fantastic Story Collant. I wish I could have been one of your mistress's. Sounds like it would have been fun for all. I look forward to reading the rest of your stories.


kelli..i love you for the kindness and appreciation you have given to me...i wish you could have been my mistress...omg!!! peel me of the ceiling...we appreciated the same things..sooo wow...XOXO and hugs collant

Fabulous sweetie

hi sammi..thanks your kind thoughts were appreciated. xoxo

What a fantastic story! You draw me in like I'm participating! Wonderful!

hi candice...i am sooo touched by your kindness...thanks for taking a moment to read my story. drug addiction is bad, but what about pantyhose addiction? is pantyhose addiction bad? not if it makes you feel sooo good! lol and thanks.

OMG that is so Hot, you lucky gurl!

thanks...for your kindness. maybe others can learn from this experience.

great story!

thanks dear friend:)

wow all the things ive dreamed of happening to me ur soooo lucky

thanks for your kind thoughts:)

lovely! :)

thanks honey:)

Wonderful continuation of your first story. Keep them coming!

thanks silky...i appreciated your great review and kindness..currently working on a new story and hopefully it will be posted in 2-3 weeks..i hope you read that one as well:)

love the story......... can i join that school please

hi reg...thanks for your comment. it was deeply appreciated. i hope that you have read my newest story. i have a new one coming out in a few days. hope you have a moment to read it as well. xoxo

Great Story! I would love to attend such a school!

thanks was a great place to learn the sexual arts from masters.

I just love this story! Your writing turns me on as I read about your sexual fetishes and fantasies. I particularly liked how you turned onto your stomach and pleasured yourself on the bed wearing the soft panties and pantyhose. I really get aroused by that too!

hugs are tooooooooo sweet. isn't it nice to able to talk with some who gets it? bless you xoxo collant g.

love the story can't wait to read more

thanks dear friend for your kind thoughts..i will attempt to tell more about myself again..with comments like yours...i feel motivated to write and of course uninhibited. :) your friend c. gusset.

What a good girl you are Collant :) Look forward to the next installment of feminine adventures

thanks annalisse....i appreciated your kind words..and the fact that you took the time to read about me.