Who Actually Wears Them?

A quick skim of the postings for this group and I seem to see a trend towards more men than women adding their two cents. In a way it's good that men are wearing pantyhose because it appears many women have stopped which has to affect the manufacturers' bottom lines. I for one am a woman, and except in the oppressingly torrid days of summer, can usually be seen in pantyhose. I just like the feel, the look, and the support they give. For sure, they can add a bit of time tending to certain duties, but I guess they're worth it. In the much cooler weather it's always a pair of black tights covering my legs and yes, in case you're wondering, they're always control top.
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I think women look much more feminine and attractive in them. You are a woman after my own heart.

It is weird that men seem to enjoy pantyhose more than women, or at least it seems that way. I've always wondered why so many women complain about how uncomfortable they are, yet so many men love to wear them, despite having extra parts to squeeze in. Maybe to many women buy the wrong size? Or they get the super el cheapo burlap and broken glass kind?

I wear them as a matter of course. It doesn't bother me so much that it is apparently no longer the "in" thing to do; what bothers me is when other people seem to indicate that I have to somehow explain myself for my fashion choices. My encounters over the past decade have somewhat galvanized my viewpoint, so I suppose I have become a pretty strong advocate for hosiery in general.

Regarding your observation that most of the participants in EP pantyhose discussions are male--I noticed that too when I joined.

It's nice to hear from women that enjoy wearing them. When I first started visiting EP, it opened my eyes to how many men wear pantyhose. I know a few small business owners selling hosiery online - a significant percentage of their business comes from men. Often, men make up the majority of their sales.

gosh i haven't worn pantyhose since i was a little girl, occasionally i wear fishnet stockings with a garterbelt, but i actually prefer being totally naked.

Zoero, you are absolutely right. As sales of pantyhose go down, the prices are going to go up due to the "economies of scale" in production. I have read that pantyhose manufacturers are starting to cater to men wearing pantyhose and capturing sales that have declined by women.

I, for one, am glad to hear your perspective on pantyhose and stockings and welcome more comments from the women who either wear or don't wear and why they don't wear if they don't wear.

I enjoy wearing all kinds of hose. Depending on the weather it will be one kind or another. The support they give are wonderful and I like the smoothness also.

I'm not sure as the sheer usually give me enough support. Leggs are usually what I buy.

I'm a guy that wears pantyhose daily. I live the look, feel, and fit of them. A good pair of support style hosiery makes me happy; so I wear them daily to work.