Going From Fetish For Pantyhose To " I Wear Pantyhose "

My fetish for pantyhose has always been there ever since I was a kid and had a fascination for looking at women's legs with nylons.

As I grew up into my teen years, my fascination for pantyhose/stockings grew more-so to the point where I always wanted my partner at the time to wear pantyhose/stockings as I loved the look and feel of nylons against my body and the touch and feel with my hands.

As years gone by, I have been through 2 serious relationships where I have children to these two ladies and pantyhose/stockings were always a part in our sexual activities.

Now in my early 40's and married to a lovely lady from another country to whom I met her here in New Zealand where I live, for those who don't know where New Zealand is? we are located 2000km to the East of Australia in the South Pacific Ocean.

My lovely wife also enjoys wearing pantyhose/stockings when we are going out and during sex so it was really easy to continue my fetish for pantyhose.

One night going back a few months, my wife asked me to get a pair of pantyhose out from her drawer. As I was passing them to her, she said "oh no, I am not wearing them tonight, you are and I dare you to put them on and **** me." I did not know what to do and she insisted that I wear them that night. I reluctantly put them on feeling really embarrassed and shy thinking what my wife would think of me? Would she think now I am Gay and not a man? these were the thoughts going through my head. We cut a hole at the front the pantyhose so my penis will poke through so intercourse was possible. Surprisingly I was able to get an erection from stage fright and we had sex with me wearing pantyhose.

I must say that this new total experience was such a turn on for me and the feeling of wearing pantyhose on my legs, upper thighs, bum and hips, was such a high for me.

In the last few months, our sexual level has gone further up the ladder where I now wear pantyhose all the time and not just during sex either. It has become to a point where it is "first up best dressed" in the mornings. The only time the pantyhose comes off now is when I have a shower at nights and I put on a clean pair of pantyhose every night before we go to bed and I will wear them to bed to sleep.

My wife gets turned on by me wearing pantyhose where she wraps her legs over my legs and rubs her hands up and down my silky legs as it turns her on. During sex, she also wears pantyhose and pulls at my pantyhose and rubbing her silks against mine.

When my wife and I go out, I always wear pantyhose but now we buy the pantyhose that comes with a cotton gusset so we can cut the gusset out so my penis will poke out through the hole without damaging the pantyhose. I put the pantyhose on first and then my underwear (undies, undergruts, underpants) over the top so I never have to pull down my pantyhose to go to the toilet.

My wife also cuts the gusset from her pantyhose too and does the same putting her pantyhose on first and only sometimes would wear her panties with her short skirt and high heels when we are going out. We would often stop somewhere on the way home at a park or other place to have sex so she will lift her skirt up with pantyhose on and I would just undo my trousers slightly pulled down with my underwear, and my penis through my gusset hole and through into her gusset hole having intercourse while we are both wearing pantyhose.

On the way home, she would have her skirt slightly up with her legs apart up on the dash-board putting her fingers through the gusset hole fingering her ****.

Like I said before, I now where pantyhose all the time and it is a part of my clothing/life like underwear and socks. I wear pantyhose to work, around the house, going out to the shops, restaurants and clubbing with my wife. She also wants me to wear stockings and suspenders or just stay-up stockings. When my wife goes shopping for her pantyhose, she gets mine also.

This new fetish for wearing pantyhose/stockings is kept in the closet as only my wife and I want to keep it this way as we are worried what other people may think of me/us. We keep it quiet from the kids also as they do not know that I have pantyhose under my trousers.

My views about wearing pantyhose/stockings has changed to what it was a few months ago and it does not mean that I am gay in-fact, I am more for the opposite sex than ever before. I do not cross dress, but in saying that, my wife wants me now to wear women's panties instead of my men's underwear (we haven't crossed that bridge yet) but I will wear them when we go shopping for them next. My wife also wants me to wear high heels while we are having sex as she is so sexually turned on with me wearing pantyhose and heels but the heels are for the bedroom only.

I am so happy that I have a wife that is so open minded and it was all her idea and suggesting that I wear pantyhose, women's panties and high heels that our sex life has gone through the roof and I am thrilled to experience the feeling of wearing parts of women's clothing and incorporating it into our sex life / life.

So now...... I WEAR PANTYHOSE.


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That's a great story. I wish that more younger women would understand the effect nylon clad legs have on a man.

I loved reading your story. It was exactly the same with me growing up. I only shared my wearing pantyhose with the first person at the age of 30. My lovely wife now does not mind. She benefits all the way. I like that your wife wants you to wear heels. I just started trying it in private. And i can not explain how it makes me feel. I can't wait to tell and show my wife, still a little shy, but also exited. All this is just for us. I will sometimes wear hose in the winter under my trousers, but thats it. Thank you for sharing your story.

I love wearing pantyhose. My ex partner use to go wild when we both wore them in the bedroom. Pantyhose make a lady look so sexy and the feeling of two legs rubbing each others hose is simply amazing. Enjoy

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You are so lucky not a lot of women think it's ok, most think its weird. So think yourself lucky I'd live to find a gf like yours

I love being the one who buys pantyhose for my wife and I. She loves it when I bought her fancy pantyhose online.

I'm moving to New Zealand in hopes of finding a wife with a similar affinity for nylons, heels! You have inspired me to have hope!

Awesome story ! My gf and I share the same passion for hosiery ! Wonderful feeling wearing hosiery !!

In surprised you didn't try pantyhose on before that; liking them so much it seems it would have been a natural step to slip into a pair to see what they felt like on.

I was wearing pantyhose as a toddler though- and tried on other things over the years.

Today I also wear pantyhose daily. To work, home, wherever. I don't wear socks with them very often (only when my feet get cold).

Think about adding a mini skirt; your wife will enjoy seeing your legs poke out of them especially if you wear heels for her. No need for a bra (unless you two choose to go that far) but a mini skirt is very fun and comfy.

You are so lucky to have such a fantastic wife

Lucky man!

You are so lucky to have found a great woman like this. My wife currently does not want to have sex with me because I also wear them. She refuses to wear them for me. What I would do to be in your shoes!!!

I had a similar experience. We went on a romantic trip (packed several pairs of pantyhose of course). She had hers on and as i undressed and got close to her she said "put yours on." Slightly confused, i said "mine?" She pointed to a pair of tan pantyhose hanging out of my suitcase. I didnt hesitate to put them on (as i had many times before alone). Best sex i ever had