Why I'm Here, Part 2

Since my mid twenties I've always wanted to write down my life story.
On January 22, 2012 I suffered a major heart attack, so ever since then the matter of time became a little closer to my heart.
Now if you have already read my profile you'll see that I've been married for 17 years this Nov 4! Also worthy to note that I have never cheated on my bride in all these years with a woman or man. Thats not to say I've been tempted, I have, by both.
I really just want to share my life with whomever reads this, may God bless you all who do. Also to write down the good and bad in my life, past present and forward ho!
If you haven't guessed yet, I'll let ya in on a secret. I am a Christian proud of it. Now I didn't say I was a perfect Christian, far from it. If you asked the right people in the little town I live in, they'd probably say I was a typical hypocritical Christian, used to drink heavily but gave it up only to save his marriage, ( well duh!) But he still smokes, and thats a sin you know.
This is more my dairy that I want to share with my family ( kids really) when they can handle it. There is alot of my life that I'm still hiding drom them, like my wearing pantyhose and using a prostrate toy at times when having sex, thing's of that nature. Do I consider that a sin? I don't. Especially since its been done in the confines of my own house and only with my wife. Some may. I belong to the Methodist church, but thats not to say I agree with all their doctrines, but on the whole I do because they are more liberal than most of the Christian religions.
So I offer this slice of me to you my friends and family. Everything I will ever post here will be of the utmost truth, be good or bad. This is my story, my life, my legacy. So come along for the ride, it's sure to entertain and enlighten
coltfan69 coltfan69
41-45, M
Nov 28, 2012