Mother In Laws Tights/pantyhose

I'm now 38 and my mother in law is 61. I've always had a bit of a crush on her since i was 19. I remember being at her home with my girlfriend(now wife) . The mother in law came home on her lunch break, removed her shoes to expose her sexy tan coloured hose feet. I was immediately turned on by this image. I watched as she started to vacuum the carpet, as she leaned forward i could see her sexy toned calves.
I fantasised about kissing her hosed feet and more. A few weeks later, i managed to get access to a pair of these tights from the bathroom linen basket. I can still smell and taste the sweat from the toes of her hose. I was in ecstasy, and had many a horny private moment with them.
I took this to another level about three years ago when i was able to get hold of another pair of her tights from her linen basket. Only this time, i placed them in my wifes lingerie draw, and placed with my wife's tights. Occassionally my wife will wear tights for me when love making.
As you may imagine, i was so horny at the thought of my wife being totally naked apart from a pair of her mothers tan coloured hose. I went down on my wife and breathed in the mixture of aroma of her musky scent and the musky scent of her mother. It tasted so good as i ripped the gusset with my teeth.
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Dec 8, 2012