Bad Karma

My wife knows that I wear panties 24/7 I do not even have a pair of y fronts to visit the doctor..
When the weather turns cooler I wear pantyhose under my long pants daily. So a few weeks ago we were out for a drive heading for the mall, and we got into a conversation about her lack of wearing dresses. She said that she will never wear pantyhose again as she ''hates'' them, I was thinking to myself, how can I wear them and really enjoy the feel that I experience and yet she ''hates'' them.

I asked very innocently why she has such a problem, she says that they always rip on her first trip to the bathroom. I have several pairs that have lasted for several years.
So as we were driving I was trying to egg her to keep wearing them on the few times a year that we go to semi formal events, she refused, I then suggested that maybe they are the wrong size or that they are too thin, just everything that would come to my mind to let her know that it can't be that bad, and deep down I was hoping she tell me to buy a pair and see how long they last, but she didn't.
So on Thursday morning I was getting ready for work grabbed a tan pair from my stash and as I drew on the left foot, my big toe goes through the sandal foot toe, trash one pair, next I grab a pair of black control tops, on they go, going through my day enjoying the feel, Friday morning got a taupe pair on, just bending over to put on my socks and I snagged them, grabbed the black pair from yesterday, and as I was pulling up the panty portion, my hand went through them, what the hell was happening to me......Saturday, Sunday and again this morning.
So 5 days 5 pairs of hose down the tubes, good thing I have a sufficient supply to keep me going for a while.......
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3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Have you ever given any thought to tights? I used to wear panty hose but as you kept putting horrible runs in them and throwing them away. Tights are much stirdier though not bulle proof and seem to last much longer

I do have several pairs of tights, when I ride my bicycle in the cooler weather I wear tights under my bike leggings, my wife is aware of them she just does not know how many pairs I have. I guess growing up, I always felt that nylons were more for the woman, while tights were for girls. That was a long time ago. Women have no idea how much more choices that they have than us guys. Imagine having to choose which color of leg coverings we are going to wear. My guys socks, black, navy blue or dark exciting. White for sports stuff. My pantyhose/tights colors that I have, red, plaid, black, smoke,grey, coffee, blue, off black, I think you get the idea, much more options...

You're right I love the look and feel of my legs with pantyhose, but your wife is also right, pantyhose can be a pain too ... as you found out; runs, ladders, snags and throw them out. That is why more often I wear stocking with a garter belt ... one gets a run or something and I can still keep and wear the other one. Call me cheep ... no just thrifty.

I do not have any garters but I do have several pairs of stay ups, they are pretty good, and they will also let you know if your putting on weight as I have found the silicone at the thighs hold in the skin too much

That's pretty impressive... that you wear them as often as you do. Not only that, but your wife knows this? Does anybody else know?

She has no idea that I wear them almost daily in the colder weather, and just this past few days I put runs in three more pairs. And I have a GG who is 100% supportive of my little fetish.......She has been great with helping me get a female take on the clothing that I have bought