Pantyhose, My Passion

My passion for pantyhose/tights starts when I was 7 years old, now I have 27 And still I'm crazy for them.When I was kid , I used to go in my aunt house for a weekends and stays 2-3 days every week.They had a dauther in that time she was 18.At that time she always wore pantyhose. It has always attracted me.
I knew quite a few times to get into her room and looking for her worn pantyhose, were usually on the floor next to the bed, I lay down on my stomach to be rubbed on the floor and smelled them and licked. If I could not find them in the room on the floor, I still could find them in the bathroom and would do the same again. She had a drawer full of different kinds of pantyhose,God it was like paradise.I also smelled and her high heels, I remember it was such a nice smell.
And my aunt wore them but I prefer pantyhose of my cousin.
When I was a little older like 13, a couple of times I wore them, it was a very nice feeling. I decided to steal them, that's what I did. Worn and scented pantyhose I took from her room, one black and one nude, I put them in my pants before I went home.I was excited and scared at the same time, thinking that someone would see me. I was happy when I got home, I put them under the bed, and whenever I wanted to smell them, they were there. My cousin did not notice that I'm taking them because she had a lot of pantyhose. They were not the only women whose pantyhoseI smell and I dressed. I kept taking them from my mom, worn pantyhose or not. It did not end there. In every house where I was going, I checked the bathroom to see if I can find some pantyhose. Aunts, neighbors, cousins​​, friends ... anyone. I Again, I stole them, who knows how many times.I still do it.
That was my passion.When I grew up, I chose my girlfriend for being who wears pantyhose. I am constantly forced to wear those pantyhose during sex and every day. Some of my girls did not really like to dress up in pantyhose. My current girlfriend prefers to wear a stocking,but so far is good.I love it when I see women who wear them. I keep looking around to see them, as I have a radar in my eyes. The older I get the more I love them and I'm crazier for them.
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Hey you in the usa let's talk about pantyhose

Dude you relate to all of us get your girlfriend to dress you up if she dosnt already know then, ask her what it feels like to wear them and then say I always wondered it would be uncomfortable she will then say well why don't we see.

Hmm, recognize myself in your story ;-)