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Obsessed With Tights

im a man and have been obsessed with tights since about the age of eight. i can not take my eyes off a sexy women wearing sexy tights and she doesnt even have to be that attractive. i love the look and the feel of them especially opaque tights. i have a large collection of them from buying them and steeling from female friends, it gets out of hand for me to often and cannot stop doing it. why do i keep doing this?
tightsecret tightsecret 31-35 11 Responses Jan 5, 2013

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Love tights! I can't add you?

why are you doing this? you have a fetish for female hosiery i.e. tights/pantyhose. you are attracted to leg wear and when women wear hosiery it drives you turgid. it's sexual. i know because i am sailing on the same ship with you. hope u read my stories because you would definitely relate to my experiences with hosiery:))

me too
wear them all the time

It's a lovely addiction though isn't it girls?

I too love the sight of tights any color on a pair of nice legs and wearing them. I wear them for winter instead of the boring thermal underwear.
I would love to go to the mall looking like the Sun Drop Girl.

its the same with me too...

look it's called a fetish...all of us reading your story have the same problem. hope you read my stories and you will see my affliction as well:)

am i taking my obsession with opaque tights to far for being a straight man. ive started purchasing tights made by wolford which are £32 satin de lux ones and 80 den matt opaque £23 and as soon as i put them on i get all excited and never want to take them off. is this ok for me to be doing this or do i have issues?

welcome to the club...there is a lot of fun buying them in a dept store hosiery dept. try it while you are wearing tights under your pants..tooo much fun:)

Join the club,your not alone,not by a long shot,I think we have what some say "the nylon gene"

I am the same I love tights so much been wearing them since 7 and loved looking at the girls wearing them in school and still love it even saying tights or hearing someone saying tights excites me I have 40 pairs now and wear them 24/7