Love The Feel

It all started when I was young my female cousins would for fun undress me then put panties on me then a nice dress and makeup. As a boy this was harmless fun, little did they know I loved the feel of being in panties and clothes. Today as a grown man and married I love to when alone dress in panties and bra.
The feeling is amazing satin, lace and cotton hugging my arse and ****. But I love putting them on for they make me feel sexy and I am not sure if they also make me feel like a women but it has more to do with feeling naughty I think. I once shared my panty wearing once and oh my it was a dream come true........
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

The feel and the excitement ( there is that word again) is sooooo wonderful

lol, oh yes, excitement is the by-word!

I have only shared the lingerie experience once and it was... simply WOW! It was a first meeting for us and we both agreed to "wear" under our man clothes. We both suspected little other than a talk would happen. We were both surprised by how quickly the meeting escalated from talking to, well, a LOT more!