Caught By Mum And Never Looked Back

Hi All
my story goes one day i went into my Mum's room and raided the underwear drawer and pinched a pair of tights put them on was walking around enjoying myself and did not notice her coming in and was caught red handed. Well well now i know who is shifting my underwear and how long is this going on and do not tell me a lie so i said for a long time and whenever i could sneak in so she said i could leave them on for the rest of the day and see how i liked them. I was only 14 at the time so i told her that l liked them a lot and could i wear them again tomorrow so she said yes if i wanted to and i wore them the next two days as well before i had to put them in the wash and then found another pair in my bedroom so o started wearing them all the time until one day she shocked me by asking me what else i was trying on and if i wanted to wear anything else all the time so i said a little bit shaking if i could wear a Bra and Girdle so she said ok we better get you fitted for some in your size but you will have to wear them all the time i am not going to waste money on you if you will not wear them. So now i am wearing them all the time along with a Bra and Girdle as well and delighted to do so.
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Good for you Mum! I take it that this was quite a while back when you Mum caught you and then started buying you your own lingerie and you've been under dressing, wearing lingerie full time ever since.