Multiple layers

My girlfriend makes me wear layers of pantyhose (control top) and panty girdles in order to earn sex.

We will start Friday evening as soon as we get home from work. She sets the time requirements and I choose the sexual act.

For example, this weekend is a three day weekend. I must wear a cup (protective cup like catchers wear), control top pantyhose, a high-waisted panty girdle, then another pair of control top pantyhose followed by another high-waisted panty girdle for the entire time period to qualify for the selected prize. To ensure that everything stays on, a all-in-one is worn over everything.

I do get to take everything off for bathroom requirements and a daily shower (supervised).

The time requirements and prizes available (continous hours, including sleeptime):

18 hours - ******* with her dressed
24 hours - ******* with her wearing lingerie including hose and heels
36 hours - Intercourse with her wearing non-sexy nightgown
48 hours - Intercourse with her wearing lingerie including hose and heels
60 hours - ******* with her dressed
72 hours - ******* with her dressed in lingerie including hose and heels
80 hours - Intercourse followed with a ******* with her in a tightly laced corset, hose and heels

I must select the desired prize. There is only one prize and it is win it or lose it. If I can't make it (I'm too horny to continue or just can't handle the tightness any longer), I can "give" and remove everything with one requirement. I must ********** in front of her with her fully clothed (something I hate).

While I am trying to qualify for my prize, she may have me bring her to ******* using my tongue, hands or her vibrators. Her choice as to the method and the number.

So, this weekend we started at 6:00pm. I am currently wearing a cup, 2 pair of black control top pantyhose, two black high waisted panty girdles and since she just went to bed (after two oral sessions), I have a black all-in-one over everything. She pinned the all-in-one to the panty girdle (in back) which basically locks me in for the night.

I am horny, but determined to hold out until midnight on Monday (bascially, Tuesday morning) for a double ****** (intercouse followed by a *******). After 80 hours in the girdles, I will be cinching her corset very, very tight.

The only time I can shoot for the double ****** is on three day weekends. That's why I am shooting for the big prize. I was going to go for the double on Thanksgiving, but we had family visitig and I didn't want to be wearing the girdles while my mother was visiting.

I did hit my goal on New Year's of intercouse with my wife. To make it, I was forced to wear the cup, pantyhose and girdles under my tuxedo. I got home around 1:00pm on the 31st (that's whend we started). We partied until about two am (and got pretty drunk). We took a cab home (no DUI here). Even though I still had just over 20 hours to go, she was tired and didn't make me wear the all-in-one and we used the honor system that I won't cheat after she fell asleep. Since she was too tired to ******, she decided to just go to bed. I was kind of charged up, so I stayed up a couple of hours watching tv. It was in the morning, when she woke me up for her morning licking, that I saw that she wore her stockings and garterbelt to bed. She hasn't worn stockings to bed (other then when I reach the prize levels) for years. She knows how it drives me crazy with desire.

I made it to one in the morning and earned intercourse. It would have been nice if she would have worn the stockings, but alas, the prize is intercourse with her in nightgown. She barely pulled it up high enough for penetration. And, the flannel gown covers her breasts (nice c cups) completely. I should have picked the 24 hour prize, a nice ******* in lingerie, it would have been more fun. But, I picked my prize and she delivered.

Well, six hours down, only 74 more to go. Wish me luck.
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It sounds like what you are doing could fun - occaisionally. I don't think I would be into it exery weekend. I wear a suit to work, so I guess I could wear the items during the week. Have you looked into male chastity devices? There is one the fits over your unit and does not allow you to get hard, but you can still use the bathroom. I read that some are bulky, but others can be worn under normal clothes.