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Great Shapes.................

Friday afternoon I went out to get the mail and much to my pleasure my pantyhose order was there waiting for me. I anxiously opened the package and put them all away except for a pair of high waist shapers. I knew at that moment that I would be in those pantyhose before dinner. I quickly laid out my evening outfit, showered, shaving my legs of course, all the while thinking about my new purchase. As I put lotion on my freshly shaved legs I could hardly wait to slide those sheer shapers onto my legs. After my shower I went to my room and began to dress. First my pink bikini panties and matching bra and then the moment I was waiting for. I opened the package and was instantly y mesmerized by the wonderful pantyhose I held in my hands. I slide them over my nicely shaved legs, pulled them up and was in heaven. So soft and comfortable, shaping me in all the right areas. The high waist waistband stays right in place and the waist shaper is so wonderful. These are one of the best pairs of pantyhose I own. I will absolutely have to purchase some more.
JamieLynn58 JamieLynn58 56-60 10 Responses Jan 27, 2013

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The anticipation of receiving new pantyhose or lingerie of any kind in the mail is such a intense feeling. The moment you see they arrived, the excitement grows, finally you get to slip on the luxurious feeling material over your smoothly shaved legs. Incredible, no feeling quite like the feeling of pantyhose on you skin and sliding a pair of silky panties up you legs, followed by the wonderful feeling of a slip dropping over your body and lightly gliding over your pantyhose covered legs. I don't think there is any other words I know to describe this feeling, and the feeling of the nylon slip swishing over the pantyhose as you walk.


Tell me how good they feel on your legs

I like pantyhose but love black thigh high stockings. I love the way my legs feel in them. I wear them from fall until late spring.

yes, i know the anticipation when waiting for your hosiery to arrive, like you you just know you'll soon be in them. Lovely story.

Sure would like to try a pair of those

will have to try some

lovely like you tell me how you removed hard skin from sole of the foot ,i rub daily and used some cream but still have hard skin on sole

good story

nice story :)


I hope too many stories like that from you