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Confessed To My Wife

i finally took the plunge and confessed to my wife that i love wearing pantyhose. it didnt go well and it didnt go bad. she was very upset at first but finally came to terms with me wearing pantyhose. i love her so much. my confession to her this past weekend has brought a new element to our relationship. wearing silky sexy things adds a whole new dynamic to our relationship. i no longer have to sneak behind her back to wear panties or pantyhose. it is such a relieve to let something out that has been bottled up inside me for years. it was like a huge relief opening up to my wife and having the courage to tell her about my wearing of pantyhose. i hope others out there who may have been in the same situation can be open with their spouses.
Ireana77 Ireana77 31-35, M 8 Responses Jan 28, 2013

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Now that I know about men wanting to wear pantyhose I sort of have taken a moment to keep it in perspective. My ex cheated on me. If I could choose would I rather have a husband/bf cheat or wear pantyhose, I will choose wear pantyhose everytime.

Now you won't have the guilt built up inside of hiding a secret from your wife.

Good for you ..I know how hard it is to have enough trust. But it is for the best. How she can understand. It is just how we are

You're so lucky to have such an understanding wife, shame all wives aren't as broad minded !

glad it went well for you

it doesnt always

that's fantastic...she is a special lady:)))

My wife and I had several talks about my wearing nylons before I started doing so. So there was no shock or surprise and she was very understanding and approving of my wearing which made it so much easier to start. Glad you told your wife so that you can now enjoy the feeling of wearing without any worries about doing so. Stay hosed and be happy !!!

Kudos to you my friend ! More men should tell their so about their love of hosiery ! I've been wearing for many years and have told the women that I've dated about my passion for hosiery ! Most we're supportive, only two didn't like it !