I Did It!

today i went out in pantyhose openly! I wore suntan pantyhose with a slight shimmer too them, army green shorts that are short about 4 in above my knee, black tank top and a white dkny hoodie with my black penny mocs.I felt amazing! First I went to target, my heart rate was sky high, I was very nervous! I sat in my car for about ten mins then I said to myself I didnt come here nothing! I got out and walk right in grabbed a cart and started to look for what I needed.As the seconds ticked by I felt stronger more confident and soo proud to be me a guy who wears pantyhose.It was incredible to just walk through the store with the feel OF my hosed legs so exposed!I walKed around but apparently target has no garden section so I decided to leave and go to walmart.I entered on the entrance on the left but exited from the one on the right so I had a lil ways to walk to my car outside. I was soo happy and proud, I felt like saying yes this is me I wear pantyhose!I wanted to look down at my legs to see if the shimmer was shining but I thought it might look weird to look down, so I get to my car and theres 2 guys gathering the carts in the parking lot, one of them was right next to my car, he looked me up and down and then started talking spanish to the other guy, no big deal, i felt so strong and proud !I dont know what the said and I dont care!

I get to walmart and I get right out walk past a few people go inside grab a cart and head to the gardebn section, I was looking for a few flower pots and some soil.Part of the section is outside so I go outside walk around, it was amazing, non event! I know people noticed but no one said a thing, It was so liberating!Then I got some body wash and some moisturizer...got to keep them shaved legs smooth :) then I picked up a full length mirror and of course cant leave walmart with out a few pairs of pantyhose, I got leggs active support in nude and suntain and SE in sheer panty in suntan.Shopping for pantyhose while wearing pantyhose felt so good.

I'm very proud of myself today.....I was outside in public in pantyhose and shorts

I promise myself my third time will be this week not 2 yrs like my 1st time

growing stronger



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i give anything almost to go out in public wearing just shorts and pantyhose it would be frowned on but when i was younger i would take off all my clothes eccept my pantyhose and black leather shoes in the wee hours of the morning and walk around the neighborhood now that was fun but nerve racking as well sometimes even go for a lttle ride on the byccycle i really want to go hiking somewhere private and walk around in nature wilderness like that also but i cant get enough courage to step out the house

Way to go gurl! One small step... well actually many steps and none of them were small (wink). You took a huge leap into a new world and the universe is out there waiting for you to conquer it. Keep it up and have fun!

Great ... see it is no big deal to wear pantyhose with shorts. I do too and the only comments I've had were from a couple women complementing my on my great legs and that they were envious.

That's awesome !!! keep up the good work ! I wear hosiery openly on a daily basis and love the way they look and feel on my legs. My gf also loves the way look and feel on my legs !!

The first time I wore pantyhose out openly, I was sure I would get noticed immediately and it would be very embarassing. Much to my surprise, no one seemed to notice. I relaxed and enjoyed the experience of wearing pantyhose out openly in public.<br />
<br />
After several times out though, I was kind of disappoined I never seemed to get noticed. I wore much shorter shorts and tried to put my pantyhosed legs in plain view waiting to see a reaction or hear a comment. Nothing!<br />
<br />
I began to shop for and buy pantyhose while showing off my pantyhosed legs. I couldn't believe no one ever seemed to notice. On day after several months of wearing out openly and being around probably thousands of people, while shopping for pantyhose, a girl noticed my pantyhosed legs. She told me I had nice legs and asked what kind of pantyhose I was wearing.<br />
<br />
If you wear a shade of pantyhose that is close to your skin tone, most of the time no one will notice. In fact most of the time when I did get noticed it was for having nice, smooth, tan legs. It wasn't until the person who noticed my legs got closer for a better look and realized I was wearing pantyhose.<br />
<br />
I think unless you wear black, brown or colors, most of the time your legs will be kind of stealthy.

I admire your guts man. I have gotten up enough nerve to go outside of my house and walk around my yard in nude sheer energys but that is about it. I wish I had your nerve. Keep it up. I am proud of you!

I am so proud of you.. I wish I were as brave. Stay strong

Awesome!! If I had seen you, I would have complimented you on wearing them and hopefully we could have hooked up. Love wearing them myself. They feel so good on my legs right after i shave them smooth.

Great story perfectnhose. You did exactly what you should ave done. Put on pantyhose and go about your business. Act normally, enjoy the experience. Buying pantyhose while wearing pantyhose openly is a lot of fun. A great rush,as you apparently know by now.<br />
<br />
Now hopefully when and if you get noticed, complimented about having nice legs, get asked if you are wearing pantyhose or get asked if the pantyhose you are buying is for you, you will handle it with dignity as you seem to have done so far and it will be something else to experience and enjoy.<br />
<br />
Good luck. Have fun.

I've got to second your statement "non-event" people just dont seem to notice; but it is a rush. Keep it up til it's not a rush anymore, then step up your game to black sheers. Then were advancing the cause.

Thinking if i could do this some day.<br />
Such a good thing!

Sounds like it really was fun.

Awesome, good for you btw. Its a bold step.. just take deep breaths and enjoy. If you are intersted I know of a forum for guys who wear, and many promote wearing with shorts too.