Wearing At Aunt's House

I wasn't able to wear at my aunts as much as I would have liked as my mom and sis would spend nights there visiting her.  But, my aunt would sneak into the room I was staying in and bring me some pantyhose to sleep in she was real discreet about it.  One time when she came in she forgot that my sis was also sleeping there on another roll out bed and she brought me some black hose and drk blue nighty.  My sis was sitting up when she brought them in.  My aunt didn't know what to say at first until I told her that my sis knew that I wear and my sis told her that yeah she new of me wearing hose.  I took the hose and nighty from my aunt and she left and my sis said well lets see.  So I put the hose on and the nighty.  I was around 13 yrs old now and my sis was going to be graduatiing from high school and going on to college.  My sis told me that I looked sexy like that since I didn't develop none of the male musculature yet.  So I jumped in the bed and my sis and I went to sleep.   Well as yrs went by my aunt didn't know of my cding yet.  Until I went to her house to house sit for her as she was going to be gone for about a week.  I was around 16 then and took some of my stuff that my mom had given me.  Pantyhose of course and a few other things as I knew I could fit into my aunts stuff.  As I got there my aunt was leaving and told me that there was food in the fridge and just watch over the house and have fun.  As she left I locked the door and went to her bedroom and there was a suitcase on the bed.  I thought maybe she had forgotten it.  I opened it up and there was a letter on top of some clothes in the suitcase.  I opened the letter and It said.  That the items in the suitcase are for me and that my mom had told her of my crossdressing which my aunt kind of figured was comming next as I was already wearing her pantyhose and nighty.  The letter said p.s at the bottom to have fun and if I wear anything of hers to just put it back and take care of it.  I couldn't believe it.  I took a look in the suit case and there were brand new pairs of pantyhose some bras, slips, silky tops, skirts, and some heels, and a make up bag.  I disrobed right there and put on some biege pantyhose and a white bra and white silkie top and a flowery spring skirt above the knee.  My aunt had these white 3in strappy high heels.  I put them on and put some make up on and walked around the house.  Just loving the feeling of being able to dress freely.  Later I changed into some drk navy pantyhose my aunt had gave me and some navy blue shorts that I had and a navy blue shirt and went out into the living room and sat on the couch covered up in a blanket and watched tv.  The rest of the week was just trying on the clothes my aunt had givin me and some of her things as well.  I did try on some biege pantyhose and jeans with some black high heels and white blouse.  That was a very nice look I though.  I did do the daisy duke thing.  Had some jeans I turned into daisy dukes.  Put some biege pantyhose on white bra and a white silky top and some white 3in high heels.  Well as the week came to an end I put all my new treasures in the suit case and had that with my other bag by the door waiting as my mom and aunt were going to be comming soon.  As they pulled up my aunt opened the door and asked how things went and if I had a good time I told her yes most definatly as my mom was grabbing my bags my aunt said leave the suit case he can take it.  As my mom was taking my bags my aunt said here while I was on vacation I got u a couple of pairs of pantyhose and a few pairs of heels.  And she had the white heels I was wearing that weekend in her hand.  My aunt said I know u liked these so here u can have these and I will get myself some new ones.  After that She told me to put my new pantyhose and shoes in the suit case.  After that my mom came up to the door and asked if I was ready I said yeah and she took my suitcase and went to the car my aunt gave me a hug.  And I went and got into the car and my mom and I left for home. 

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5 Responses May 31, 2009

That's just super awesome!!!

All pantyhose wearers should have such support.

lucky girl i wish my own famaly had been more oped about my life choices

I do every now and then but not as much though

All that was cool.