I Wear Pantyhose

As a guy it has not always been easy to wear pantyhose. Have always been fascinated by them ever since I was a little kid. Started to wear them secretly when I grew older. Also tried to deny my feelings a time but that didn't work.

Now I am at a stage that I accept the fact that I love to wear pantyhose. I makes me happy, it is a part of me. And even thow I would like to be more open about it (because males don't wear pantyhose, they say) I am very pleased that I can enjoy them every day.

Happy to be with people who share the same interest.

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Here is a comment I placed with another site member with your same concerns. I hope it helps you to know that you are not alone in your desire. "For me, wearing pantyhose went from a taboo, to a guilty pleasure, to a private pleasure. I accepted that I like and want to wear them a long time ago, but still wrestle with the idea of the fact that I wear them becoming public knowledge. As a child of the John Wayne era, boys were not supposed to want to wear things like pantyhose. Despite these misgivings, there is another part that wants to wear openly and not care what others think. I am still working on that. For now, it is no one else's business unless I choose to tell them."

I kmow what you mean ijust started wearing openly certain places been wearing them under work clothe for awhile

Like you my fascination with pantyhose started at an early age , I loved the shiny look and the feel and like you I had a blanket but it was lined with a soft satin feel which I still enjoy today . Ive gotten older and I go for more microfiber bedding as well as satin bedding as I love the coolness and the feel as well as the warmth in the winter months . The only regret is that I cant wear them in public all the time . Sure sometimes if i get the chance at a local play or Halloween or just go off to some far away city where no one knows me I may wear them but its really rare I do this . I do sleep in them and on my days off from work I wear them . I used to wear them sometimes to work but when i switched jobs i found out it was impossible so I had to let the work issue go . When Im in the back yard which is more private from the road i live on I work in hose and shorts , even gardening I still do this .

i like to wear pantyhose too. It feel good on my skin and i look good in tight clothing. I even wear then to school with nothing over them and i am never criticized

Hello slimehans' If I did not know better I would think youare me. Very very similar story. Like you were using my words to describe my love of pantyhose. Been wearing since a kid. Quit several times only to finally accept that I just like teh feel and compression of pantyhose on me. I am partial to sheer to waist styles and skin tone colors. I am married(24 years). Let me know if youever want to chat?

To me pantyhose isn't sexual either. I just enjoy wearing them. It all is pretty innocent except that men are not associated whith that kind of clothing. There is no "cure" a psychologist once told me. <br />
I also heve been fighting it but luckyly I am past that now. Wearing at home or under my clothes is what I do. Would like to go more public but society isn't ready and/or I don't have the balls to do it. And that is ok, that's what life is.

to me it is the feel of the pantyhose+stockings against my skin+also because they are a feminine article of clothing

Its not about the genitals being squished or anything. For some of us we have had an affinity for nylon since we were infants. My Mom tells me I used to gravitate and crawl towards women in skirts with pantyhose on and touch their legs. I had a cotton blanked with nylon strips at the hem that I would rub between my fingers until the material wore out.<br />
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At 4 I found some pantyhose and tried them on. Silky soft, they felt like heaven. There was nothing sexual, just a tactile thing. Sure puberty added a sexual component to it... but that wasn't the primary reason I risked life and limb... it was the allure of the silkyness.<br />
<br />
I worked on stiffling, denying, and eliminating my hosiery wearing. Eventually I found myself back in them, and content. I even tried the Navy as a way to make myself quit. <br />
<br />
Eventually I realized I wasn't the only male who likes them. And as I matured I have come to terms with the fact that wearing pantyhose makes me happy. It hurts no one, and its just part of who I am. I love the look, feel, etc of them. I enjoy seeing women in them, but wearing them is amazing. <br />
<br />
My hosiery wearing isn't a sexual thing; it adds a new dynamic at times but hosiery doesn't define my sexuality or sex life.

Thanks! Hey I tried to add you as a friend and couldn't. probably your security settings. Great comments!

I guess that's one of the great mysteries. I have no clue whatsoever why I like to wear pantyhose. It is just there. Off course I like the feel, the looks but why it gives me that great pleasure wearing them? No idea. <br />
I gave up looking for answers. I just like wearing them.

Let me say welcome the EP. This is my secret place. “Let-it-all-hang-out.”<br />
BUT Really, what is the thrill that a guy gets wearing that stuff? There is a benefit I have from waering compression shorts (a little heavier nylon) at the gym. They are the alternative to a jock strap & not as irritating. I don’t like drawers and I go in the buff in my own house and locer room. Comfortable-yes. I don't watch other guys. I'm straight and would like the steamroom was coed. <br />
What is it about having your genitals in such a crushing position? Just curious. I have “likes, vices, and fetishes” of my own.