Hosiery first time.

Well I got into wearing pantyhose around the age of 12 to 13.  Was pretty much born into it.  As my mom and 2 older sisters wear pantyhose.  I would see girls, teachers, and some moms wearing pantyhose at school.  Or when I would go and visit my mom at her work place.  There were always women wearing pantyhose.  All of a sudden my attraction became m fetish.  I remember coming home from school one day.  I just had this urge to try on some pantyhose.  So I went into my sisters room and put a pair of kristens pantyhose.  She was the oldest out of my other sister and I.  My sister jessy was second oldest.  Kristen had a nice decent selection of hose.  Probally due to her and jessy being in cheerleading, drill team.  I took a pair of her tan ones out and tried them on.  I was nervous as I never put hose on before.  I tried to be very carefull.  They felt so good going on.  I had such a major hard on I couldn't believe it.  After I finally got them on.  I went into my mom's room where she had a full size mirror and took a look.  I was looking at my self and turning to the side and checking my *** out in the pantyhose.  I loved the way I looked in the mirror with the tan hose on.  I decided to go back into my sisters room and take them off before anyone would get home.  I took them off and put them back in the drawer.  I went into the living room to watch some tv.  But all the while all I could do was think about was wearing the pantyhose again.  I couldn't understand why I liked to wear them and how come I wanted to wear them.  I decided to go and check in my mom's room.  Since my mom and sisters weren't home yet.  I went in and opened up a few drawers and finally finding her pantyhose.  I couldn't believe the different colors she had and variety of styles.  I looked at a few of them and decided to try on some black ones.  I derobed again and slipt them.  I felt so sexy in the black ones.  I loved how they made my legs look.  I layed on my moms bed and started to rub my legs for a while which I was already fully erected.  Then I started to slide my fingers up and down my hosed ****.  The WHAMMOO not very long I came.  And oh did it feel so good.  I layed there for a bit and then got up and took the hose off and put them back into my mom's hose drawer.  I put them way in the back and on the bottom.  I cleaned up and got dressed.  After which my family was home.  I felt so naughty and sneaky as they didn't even know I was wearing there pantyhose. 

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I wear pantyhose at the age 15 yrs old i'm a boy as they felt good on my legs an body. I wore them everyday to school as I got home from school I put shorts on an no underware on just pantyhose as I felt good in them as I took out the garbage. I forgot I had my mom's pantyhose on an her long blk skirt an clear slingback open toe flats on as a wht halter top as long blonde hair like mom as I loved wearing moms clothes.

How good did it feel when you came and who you know that wears pantyhose today

I started at 12. My friend and I were to dress as girls for Halloween. As I put on his mom's pantyhose, I got very erect! He took care of that problem with his hand, and I was hooked on hose from then on

During my marriage, I was not allowed to wear pantyhose. However, the ex would use her knee-high stockings on me, one over my erection and one on her hand, rubbing me to climax!

Lately, I met a married male who enjoys me giving him a foot-job, with me wearing nude hose. That is an interesting feeling!

Your new man sounds lovely! Try asking him to give you pleasure too, it's a fantastic feeling having a guy gently lower your tights (pantyhose) and give you a BJ!

Several months ago I had my first experience with a fellow cross-dresser, and I recommend this to anyone who enjoys pantyhose! The feeling of hosed legs rubbing together and hard ***** rubbing through pantyhose is unreal!

Wish I could have joined you would love you to pull my skirt up and rub my legs and hard ****through my pantyhose


I love to see a rock hard **** straining to be released from inside it's tights prison. I just have to stroke and lick and suck it through the nylon encasement until there are pre-*** stains showing. Then when you lose you load I love to suck the *** out through the nylon.


Mmm just made me very horny at that thought


That's nice. I like making other guys hard. Such a turn on to see a lovely **** swelling up. Did you have tights on at the time?

That's even better. I luv to watch a **** stiffen inside a guy's tights. Just makes me want to play with it and give him pleasure.

Do you like to be pleasured when you've got tights on?


Yeh I do

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Became hooked myself at about that age,i lived with my aunt christine who was a cocktail waitress,first i started sniffing her high heels and soiled nylons then trying them on,i think your a great person.

dont know how it happenned. couldnt take my eyes of women legs in pantyhose. somehow tried a pair. immediate arousal, am i a pervert?

I started wearing p/h and tights through going to ballet lessons a young cuild through to my teenage years. I was the only boy in the class and loved talking about all sorts of girly things with the girls in the class, from boys to clothes and make up and I really did find my true sissy self at an early age. I had my first gay experience as a teenager and had sheer tights on when I went on my first "date". I remember him being a lovely boy who made me *** in my tights when he played with my nylon encased hard ****. I was a bit embarassed at the warm sticky mess inside my tights, but at the same time it felt kinda nice too.

Great story ! I started wearing hosiery at the same age,but it wasn't my moms or sisters, it was my friends mom. She always dressed to kill. Hosiery,high heels and short skirts. One day I went in to use the bathroom and saw some pantyhose, thigh highs and stockings hanging on the shower rod. I soon as I touched them I knew I had to try them on. I tried each pair on and modeled in the mirror on the door. What an intense feeling !!<br />
The thigh highs were the last ones that I tried on. Standing in front of the mirror with a raging hard-on I began to stroke myself. I came within seconds. I felt so naughty but thrilled ! I kept them on and quickly got dressed. I wore them the rest of the day and night, ******* off when ever I was alone. No one ever said anything about them being missing. Needless to say I stole a few more pairs of pantyhose and stockings from her over the next year or so. Love the feeling of silky hosiery on my shaven legs !!

I too love to wear pantyhose It all start when my older sister's dress me up like a Barbie doll I actual loved it & wear everything i could It felt soo good on !!!!!

I've been wearing pantyhose for about 45 years, started like you guys did. Still turns me on. I have about 200 pairs. I get all my pantyhose Shapings.com. They have the best pantyhose of all the websites I've found. Stockingirl.com, I wear pantyhose and the stockings have another use. I sleep in pantyhose every night. It feels so good sliding under the sheets in nylons. A leg massage from wife is such a turn on it feels so good. I use to buy all my nylons at dept stores. That was always fun, but the quality of American hose does not compare to pantyhose from Shapings, try them and see

Started about the same way with my moms pantyhose when I was 11. My sister was younger by a couple of years used to talk her and her friends into wearing moms pantyhose when mom spent the night at her boyfriends place!! Good times!

It's amazing how so many guys have had such a variety experiences with regard to pantyhose and tights. I recently started reading a blog about a guy's fetish experiences with tights. His name is Nyle and you can find it on tightsdiary.blogspot.com. Really fascinating... it's like he's telling my story.<br />
<br />
My mother used to dress me in tights when I was a toddler and then later on when I got a little older, I put on a pair of my older sister's tights, just for fun. I didn't know why I was drawn to them, but I was. Well when she saw me, she just about had a heart attack. It was as if I did some heinously horrible thing and was ordered to take them off, never to wear them again. I didn't understand why she was so furious. Anyway I was lucky that my older sister was much more understanding. A few years later, I started asking her questions about her wearing of tights (she loved to wear them, in many different colors). She answered them, but got curious why I had so many. And then I told her I was curious to try them. She was like "sure, I'll give you a pair", and she found one pair she didn't wear much any more, in a brown color. I took them to my room, put them on, then came back in her room asking if I'd put them on right. She laughed at first, but then warmed up to me. She then got the idea that we could both dress up as super heroes for Halloween, coming up the following week. I was Superman and she was Wonder Woman. When my mother saw us, she thought we looked adorable, but when she later found out that Carol let me keep my blue tights, she was NOT happy about it. Thankfully Carol stuck up for me.<br />
<br />
Anyway, I got older and forgot about them. I can't even remember what happened to the tights... I guess I must've outgrown them and just didn't have any further interest to find some that would fit (certainly not from my mother, who'd probably kill me if she figured out I took one of her tights). It would be years later when a girlfriend of mine suggested I put a pair on under my ski pants for added warmth. Kind of funny... I'll post a confession about it.

I wore panty hose at 15 ,and was caught by my aunt <she was not happy ,but asked me why i had her Nylon Pantys and panty hose on ,I reply they felt good on ,she said anything else, i said no, she had me take them off in front of her and go put them in the dirty cloths ,then she wooped my little *** hard with a strap, i continuited to wear but tried not to let her know ,

Im a ts, ive worn pantyhose since 8yrs of age, i LOVE them, keep my legs shaved or waxed so my best <br />
pantyhose look lovely with my pencil skirt and heels, i usualy wear pretty polly nylons hazel coloured,<br />
nice story though,lots of tvs start that way, i knew i should have been a girl from 5-6yrs.dress up all the time, love women so much i want to be one myself

That's a great story.I to am a man I wear Pantyhose as I am now my favorite color is suntan thats the only color I wear.I got into wearing pantyhose when I was 10 years old When ever I saw my Mom or Sister in them I just wanted to rub their pantyhose covered feet so bad it wasn't funny.My mom let me rub her hose covered feet one time she was wearing suntan Pantyhose with Reinforced toe oh how I loved it so after that one day I took out a pair of her Pantyhose tried them on and I have been in love with it ever since.Now I wear my suntan pantyhose24/7/365 with shorts and sandals I was told how great my legs and feet look in pantyhose by a woman.I go out every day like that even walking down town.

I had a similar first time experience. Back in the days of the early 70s, my mom wore pantyhose regularly. Some of the teachers in school had nice legs and wore pantyhose all the time. By the time I was 12, many of the girls in school were wearing them. I found myself always looking at and admiring their legs. Then one day, for some reason, I had this strong urge to find out what pantyhose would feel like to wear. I looked in my mom's drawer and pulled out a pair of nude colored pantyhose. I rolled them up just as I had seen my mom do. As I began to slide them over my toes, feet and up my legs, an electric sensation came over me. I've been wearing pantyhose ever since. I did feel bad for sneaking into her underwear drawer. That was wrong. But I know this is how many transvestites get started.

Oh yes same here honey same here.

I love to wear pantyhose and let men and women look up my dress and ask me to ****.

Thank you jill. I do love your pic. Very nice and hot.

I love the story

I did shave my legs but not until a little later. And yeah you are right it seems like alot of us ph wearing men. Do always start out the same. Which is real nice.

hey friend, it seems you are telling my story... i think most of the guys that use ph, had the same start. using our syster or mother's ph, one day when no body home... i remember my first time i tried PH, and it was the best feeling i ever felt! i really love PH