I Feel So Feminine In Pantyhose

I love wearing pantyhose.  It started when i was in high school.  All the girls wore them. there legs looked so smooth and sexy. Then, i acquired a pair that a girlfriend had left at my moms house.  I wore them until they were so full of runs and stains that i had to throw them out.  about 3 years ago, i really got into again. I borrowed some of my wifes, and then i got up the nerve to buy my own.  Now i think i have about 50 pair. my latest pair is a fishnet crotchless body stocking. I also like high heels and girls skirts.  I have 6 pair of heels. My favorite are the black pumps with a 4in heel.  yum!

Pantyhoselvr Pantyhoselvr
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I too shave my legs dress up in a nice tight pair of pantyhose, and put on a pair of 6" high heels with a long sleeve french cut body suite; I love they way I look and how sexy it makes me feel. I would love to dress up and have another man enjoy touching me and take advantage of me. I have always wanted to be filmed, taking on a huge black mans ****.

I love your stories! Like you, I had a pantyhose fetish at a young age, and I am rediscovering it now.


I love to wear them and feel so gooooood when I shave my legs. Just give me a pair and your wish is my command.

I love wearing pantyhose and feminine feeling they give me. My gf not only supports my weaing hosiery, she encourages it. She buys me hosiery when ever she goes shopping. I too have a high heel fetish and wear them as often as I can. I have a rather large collection of heels from pumps to platforms,wedges,sling backs and mules. What does your wife think of your hosiery and heel fetish ?

You must look so sexy in your femanine delights!!! I would love to correspond with you. My name is Jim. My email address is: pantyhose_jim@aol.com I hope you will drop me a note.<br />
Lots of love, hugs and kisses<br />

I love my pantyhose and cant go a day without them,<br />
your story is so cute. x

I love to dress as a woman and feel like one.It's so nice.

just went outside and peed in mine and the warmth down my leg i cant tell u the feeling what i want right now just a hand and i will do it plsssss.

i love pantyhose and get such a turn on when i wear my sweats with them and go thru BK late at nite and order. I pee and get my order when i pull up to pay.

I also love pantyhose as I ******* in them because thy feel so good against my very hard ****! I *** all the time!

i also love pantyhose, stockings or even knee highs I get a ***** and often think about getting a dido but just jack off and then feel ashamed

nice story

i love pantyhose.....i have been wearing them since i was a small boy, non sexual at first till i hit puberty. i love women in pantyhose, i get such a kick out of sneeking a peek at women who are wearing them.<br />
i am now 37 and happily married, my wife doesn't know i wear panties, stockings and pantyhose and on certain occassions i wear hers. i feel so turned on in in a pair of hose. once she even let me put them on in the bedroom which was great, i haven't pushed the subject as i don't think it would go down to well. so i'll keep it to myself for now as i work from home a lot. ;-)

ime the same mate ide love a woman to ask me to come over her feet in tights mmmmm

Think its wonderful that your can feel a femenine spirit and will express it. Also, lets face it all (mostly) of mens cloths are bulky rather harsh fabric and design the ladies get the smooth silky loose feel to there attire and get to choose any style color things to compliment there attire. Also they feel sexy as heck we should all be allowed to dress alike....................

Can you mail me a few pair.

When I want to feel sexy enfemme, there's nothing like putting on a pair of hot panyhose. It's turned me on since I was A KID, AND i ALWAYS loved seeing pantyhose on women and the way their knees shone as the fabric stretched as they sat down. Some of my favorites are pale pink and red, but especially sheer blacks in sexy patterns. I can't help but get turned on by t hem. Just feels so good. I too love high heels and skirts. My favorites are these silver high heeled sandals. And I love wearing those short short, "juniors" blue jeans skirts that come down barely below the crotch. I'm wearing one now.... it feels so nice and cool on a warm day-can't see how men would prefer shorts for comfort if they really knew how good and free they'd feel in a short skirt and skimpy panties.it felt. Anyway- thanks for your story.

Since I was about 12 I have been wearing pantyhose. I'm 35 now. I wear pretty much everyday. When I buy pantyhose or tights or lingerie I get such a rush. Its maling me rock hard just thinking about it. I ********** with them by putting a leg all the way over my erection all the way to the toe se, and making it tight and smooth. I have a couple of ways I go from here. I turn pantyhose inside out and lay them between two pillows. Then I wrap the top of the hose around the pillows and insert my pantyhose covered erection inside the leg of the hose that's between the pillows. It feels like heaven! Also I put a leg on my hand all the way to the toe seam and ********** with it. Nothing like it. My fantasy is to have someone do it to me and I would love to please someone with it too. I love leggs sheer energy active suopport suntan reinforced toe. I have a pair of new style Hooters orange shorts, white bra, scrunchie socks, and white tank that I want to wear for some lucky soul one day.

i love wearing pantyhose and heels around the house, it looks and feels so good

Me too but for me, it isn't just around the house. I wear them every day and enjoy every moment at home, at the mall shopping, out for dinner with friends. They are the height (pardon the pun) of femininity

love the story