It Doesn't Leave You...

I have had the same experiences as many it appears. The feeling pantyhose/tights can give me is something that never leaves me. I got so excited about slipping into tights as 13. I just looked before that, I mean I was about rug rat age when I noticed my mother's legs time and time again whilst playing with toys on the floor. I was just so curious! The feeling of putting tights on was very nice. I have always had a love of tan colour. The right woman's legs in the right outfit is so much a fascination!

I bought my own rather than borrowing by 25, I did take my sister's and mum's at first shamefully! Now I own quite a few pairs. I buy by internet shopping, but I use to get a kick out of going to buy them at the shops.

I usually love to wear my sheer to waste tan tights with tight black dancers nylon leotard nowadays. The leotard makes my legs look great and it covers my body with the same feeling. I love certain nylon and lycra things more. It makes me feel purely good about touching and looking at myself. No complications. Sometimes I do wear a mini skirt or have worn tights under my cycle wear.

And why should we feel bothered about that as men. It would be nice if society can catch up to the idea that men like to feel good in clothes like women.

Wishing you well

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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

yes we should wear what we want . being harassed for wearing a black skirt not black pants is not fair.I want to wear any thing i want and not get the looks or made fun of all the time.