I Love Pantyhose

I love to photo my legs in silky or smooth pantyhose and heels, I love expensive pantyhose, summer pantyhose and winter opaque pantyhose worn with shiny patent shoes..what a great feeling wearing them outside in the wind and rain!

SusanMarina SusanMarina
8 Responses Feb 12, 2010

I love fine hosiery and expensive high heels. They feel so wonderfully sexy. I find getting wet in my pantyhose and high heels to be very arousing. Swimming with pantyhose and high heels on is incredible.

Anyone try PH while swimming? I like to wear my PH in the shower and clean them for next time.

I'm a much happier human when I get to wear my pantyhose.... so I wear my pantyhose nearly everyday. Ideally i'd wear skirts and such too each, but that's not in the cards for me. So I will simply enjoy my hoseiery as I can and slip into my skirts as time allows.

PHSensai - i can only agree - the way my legs feel as I cross them - the soft silky feeling as the two nylon clad legs rub against each other is devine. I love seeing them under my skirts and love alos to have the rain on them..they bring me alive! :-)

I've been enjoying pantyhose since I was 4 or 5, they are simply amazing. I really like styles with support, which genrally makes them shiney too. Iove the look of the shine on my legs too though. I can't understand womwn who hate them, I think they are buying the wrong sizes and/or styles for them.

tightshose - especially on silky smooth freshly shaved legs - I adore laPerla as they are to me the ultimate is softness and smoothness - devine!

I couldn't agree more. The feeling of soft silky pantyhose against the leg is so nice!

They are fantastic aren't they? What made you start wearing them?