I Have Worn Pantyhose Forever

     I know forever is a long time but thats how it seems. I was around 4 or 5 when I first felt nylon on my legs. My mom used to let me play with her old knee highs. Then around 7 or 8 my sister had me put on a pair of her pantyhose. I was hooked. Since then there has never been a major portion of time that I was not thinking about wearing pantyhose.   

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I was hooked after the first time I tried on pantyhose. I was 12 then. I'm 50 now. When I'm not wearing pantyhose, I'm probably wishing I were or thinking about putting some on later.

I too started at age 4. Not really sure why but I couldn't get enough of them. For years I had to sneak them but now I'm married to a wife who buys them for me :-)

That's about the age I started wearing stockings and soon after pantyhose. My mother and grandmother used to give them to me to play with and wear. It's interesting how so many of us are alike in that respect.

Hi, I too started wearing at a very young age cannot remember exactly. I tried to quit a zillion times after buying and throwing everything away. Thanks to internet I found I was not alone yet it still took time to just accept who I am and just like the feel, compression etc. Married for 25 years now and finally told wife about 8 years ago. Rough at first but she has become accepting. She does not really like it or like to wear herself but I can wear around teh house in shorts and in bed for sex. It is not everything I would want but not too bad. I like Givenchy and leggs sheer to waist suntan type colors. I also like to wear slips once in awhile.

I too started young ! The feel excite's all my scenses ! I like to wear a pair at least twice a week ! Always buying online in stores, all brands, some of course are very tight fitting awesome feel!!!!

I also started at 4 or 5. You made me remember making a sleeping bag out of some old knee highs I found for my GI Joe figure... the tall ones WAY back in the 70's. I remember Mom and grandma telling me to try them on and doing so... but i'd already been trying on the pantyhose I found in the bathroom by then.<br />
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My love of pantyhose started early... by wearig them I don't think about them. When I denied myself the pleasure they consumes 80% or more of my thinking.<br />
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I now wear them daily and and much happier for it.

the feel and texture of this against your skin and all the color and style options including crotchless, I suggest that you include them all and enjoy the pleasure