I Love To Wear Pantyhose

Been wearing hose since I was a teenager.  I wear hose more and more all the time -- around the house and under my clothes in public.  I love how pantyhose feels and how it looks. 

My best relationships have been with ladies who wore hose as well, although I never let on to my love of wearing them.  Maybe one of these days I'll meet the right lady for that.... 

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Great story and picture. If it ain't too much trouble to ask can you send me a image of your pantyhosed feet in an email?

tell her its not a one way street if it was you would not let her wear jeans trousers etc and let her know you are a free spirit just as much as she is but good advice from PH Sensei be open with her lies are always found out so dont have any in your relationship best wishes to you

As someone who's wife accepts my hose wearing, I strongly suggest telling your prospective gf"s early on. If they aren't into it, then at least you know early. And if they accept it, then it makes things sooo much better not to have to hid.<br />
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What hose are those in the pic, btw?