I Only Ever Wear Pantyhose

I started a year ago and since then have also got rid of all my mens underwear and only have female panties in my wardrope. I am not gay, I have nothing but good wishes for those of you who are, I'm happily married and guess what!! my wife buys all my undies and hose no problem. she enjoys the fact that we have another thing in common.

Its not fair that women have all the fun of nice feeling materials, my wife understands this.Tthe way I look at it, it seems to be OK nowadays for women to wear man things things like, mens boots, boxer shorts, jeans, etc but, if a man wears women's things like hose and lace panties etc we are seen as not quite right. Wrong!!!! I even wear woman's flat shoes I love them, I go to the shops with my wife when wearing them and I enjoy the funny looks I get, you can see they are dying to ask if and why, but don't want to embarrass either themselves or you.

My wife likes me showing my feminine side , we all have one but its not manly to admit it.  Maybe together we can change societies taboos, by the way if you ask my wife I'm sure she'll tell you if anything doing this has improved my performances in bed. I sometimes forget I'm wearing them and you can see the question marks on peoples faces as you sit in a chair which can expose the top of your hose behind you, but again they are afraid to ask. Anyone who knows me knows my sexuality, and that's why they are extremely puzzled. 

The funny thing about the underwear is, the girlier the better. I wear pink a lot I just love the colour and why shouldn't' I.  Who says its a sissy thing, is it men unsure of their own sexuality, I'm not.  I know who I am, and I will not let anyone  bully me into believing they are right and I am wrong about the way i sould dress.  so gentlemen stand up for your right to wear what you like, when you like, and don't let anyone at anytime dictate how you should feel about it.

  By the way just so you know when younger  was a martial arts exponent, and I work in a mans world. I have been a trucker for 20 years  there, are times when unloading my truck I quietly smile to myself when the loaders are all feeling the cold in their manly attire, and I'm nice and snug in my hose

power to the hose

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1 Response Feb 28, 2010

Oh, you say it all so well! I'd love to be seen out with my wife. When we go shopping I like to leave my shirt a bit unbuttoned so my lacy camisole shows, but she keeps gently doing me up again!<br />
<br />
Looking forward to cooler weather and the pantyhose again!