It all started when was around 7 . My mun would often go to her sisters ,My auntie had a daughter which was around the same age as me It was a wet winters afternoon and my cousin and i had been playing in the rain and we were both soaked to the skin wet through.We were told to take off our wet clothes and sit by the fire and warm up,

 My auntie came into the livingroom and said ;you will have to wear some of Clair's clothes because your are will not dry to wear home"

 Before i knew what was happened i was being frog-marched to Clairs bedroom to try on some clothes,I  just could not believe how many clothes an nine year old little girl could have.I sat on a chair in her room and watched her dress.Clair turned round to me and said "I'll choose what you can wear"first she gave my a red rollneck jumper which i put on,she then returned and said "try these then" they were her red opaque tights,She smiled at me and told me how to put them on.They were alittle too big for me because when i pulled the waistband up they came up to my chest.They felt lovly and warm.Being that the tights and the jumper were the same colour and almost the same thickness you couldn't tell were the jumper finished the red tights started ,next Clair handed a pair her blue jeans which were abit big aswell.

 We said our good-byes that eveing and went home.I completely forgot what i was wearing tights until i was getting ready for bed ...they  were so warm and cozy i didn't take them off until the morning

encaseme2 encaseme2
Mar 10, 2010