My Mother-in-law's Pantyhose

I first started wearing pantyhose when I was about 12 years old.  I started with my mother's and then moved on to my sister's sexier pantyhose.  For years I went back and forth between wearing and not know, feeling guilty for doing something that was so wrong.  That all changed as I got older and started buying my own pantyhose.  Though the years, wearing pantyhose has been a wonderful release for me.  I love how I look in them and how they feel on my legs.

Let's fast forward a few years.  I was doing some remodeling work at my in-law's house while they were on vacation.  I had never really given my mother in law a second look but the urge to search her dresser drawers was too much for me on this particular evening.  My heart was pounding as I entered her most private area...her bedroom.  I made my way to her dresser and opened ever drawer until I finally found what I was looking for.  She had dozens of pairs of pantyhose in all, white, tan, nude, blue, red.  I couldn't believe what I say.  I couldn't help myself and rapidly removed my clothes, grabbed a pair of black pantyhose and put them on.  I almost creamed just by sliding my legs into them.  I finally got them onto my legs and positioned the panty perfectly over my hard ****.  It took only a few minutes before I came.  I stayed in the for the next 3 hours and was able to *** 6 more times.  My **** was sore by the time I went home.

I get over to her house whenever I can a dress in her things.  It is really nice at the beginning of the new year as they leave for warmer temperatures for a few months.  I have used every single pair of her pantyhose for my pleasure and have recently gotten into wearing her slips and bras as well.


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2 Responses Apr 3, 2010

She has a couple of skirts that I can squeeze into if I'm wearing her body shaper. I have never put anything back without first cleaning it. Only two more weeks and she will be on her way for vacation until April! I can hardly wait!<br />
<br />
I'll be sure to relay any stories.

You lucky bastard! I would love to have a secret place like that. Wear every article you can and enjoy it. Be respectful and wash them though. Any pretty dresses you fit into?