I Wear Pantys

I love to wear pantys. I wear pantys 24/7 and have been wearing pantys for many years now.  I love to wear full brief nylon pantys and also wear high waist control pantys.  I have been wearing pantys for many years now.

I love all colors of pantys.  I love to wear pink, blue, black, beige, yellow, red  and white pantys.  January is usually the sale month for intimate wear.  I just can't wait to go shopping.
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Interesting how do u go out and just buy them i get really nervous and shake uncontrollably

If you know your size just pick them up at Walmart, J C Penney, K Mart, or Victoria Secret. The associates will help you find your size and color. Just think of how much fun you'll have wearing them and buy your first pair. Then it's easy.

Well ok i think it freekes me out a lot i mean like right now im in my room wearing pantys and a bra and i have become paranoid that my dad will see me wearing this and of course i have something over it but i am paranoid no matter what my dad even knows i told him that i like to wear them so i need a little help

They are underwear but feel great. Enjoying them is natural. They're soft and comfy. Do what feels right.

And i do very often but cant ever bring myself to buy them i have very bad anxiety so when i walk past the panty/bra section it feels like everyone around me has just stopped and started staring at me

I mean i am litterly shaking right now talking to u thats how bad my nerves are

If you don't think about the anxiousness you'll be fine. Just think how you'll enjoy them after you buy them. J C Penney often has an intimates department with a separate register. You just wait in line while being rung up and pay. Even at the dollar store pick up a few snack things and check out. You'll be fine and after the first purchase will build your confidence for the next opportunity.

Think about school, your computer, sports or your favorite music, or what you'll do next and you'll be fine. As you build confidence in yourself to just laugh at anyone has hassling you smile and don't let it get to you. If you like the merchandise browse and an associate will ask you if you need assistance just like a female shopper.

I always do think about it i only have 1 bra that i just recently got thanks to my nana i just have issues my mind over thinks constantly overwhelming me all the time i just...

You need to focus on something other than being nervous. Ask yourself questions to take your mind off the nerves and keep on that subject. If you don't think about being nervous you won't be. Or think about how cute the sales associates are.

an idea that i have never tried but in my mind there are deep things that have been kept a secret to me that its hard to just let it out i just **** im over thinking again im lost shrouded in my own world of beleif and disagreement and im very open to ideas but never carry them out fully ill go 1/2 of the way through it and just push myself out of the idea and come back and the same thing happens over and over and over i just cant freeze mind and make it stop thinking logically

You can try going in a store and looking. Once you look and find something nice let the associate ring it up and you're done. That's why you want to focus on one or two steps and stop yourself when your anxiety level rises.

I woild love to get help frome some one who does it all the time so i dont become a paranoid kid with ADHD and is mentally screwed up because 1/2 of my brain is undeveloped

And then find a way to pay them back

Perhaps,practicing the situation you'll develop possible course of actions you're comfortable with. Then recognize which action to follow - it's reaction vs over thinking the situation.

Some find it easier to buy online. You can try an exercise - focus on something else and time it. Try to increase that time and when you have gone from 10 to 20 to 30 minutes you're ready to go for it.

Well i would to buy them online but have no credit card etc i find that idea the best but constantly asking my parents who dont think any different of me for wearing girls undergarments i guess u could say its a little weird

Sounds like you have very understanding parents. Perhaps, your mom could pick some up for you.

That'd be nice but she found out only a week ago

So thats a "wall"

And also im 5'9 or five foot 9inches so i kinda stand out

They're underneath and hidden away. Don't worry about it, lots of guys buy panties. Some well over 6 feet.

Not sure what you mean by a wall.

As in a problem

So your mom doesn't support you?

She does but she has only known about it for a week now and i dont think she would do that

How about your Nana?

well she knows but she does not know the extent of how many i have she called it an experiment and got me 1 bra and 1 panty because i told her over last weekend and thats when she got me them and she thinks i have only what she got me and she hopes this does not become a big thing when it already has

Perhaps, your Nana could get you another set.

well its an idea but i almost never see her

Could you practice in the mirror asking a store clerk? You might overcome your fear.

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