Cloth Diapers And Plastic Panties!

Back in the mid 1990's, I went out and bought myself some flat fold cloth diapers, pink diaper pins, and girls plastic panties!  For 2 weeks, I was in them for most of the day and every night!  The problem, was the plastic panties were to small!
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Add a response...i went to a friends wedding last saturday and her 2 flower girls were 12 and 14 and both were dressed like little girls in cute,poofy,white,above the knees dresses with a veil,lace socks and white mary jane shoes.they each had a thick cloth diaper on with nursery print plastic pants over it under their friend told me she wanted them to be cute and little girlish and that they were ok with wearing the diaper and rubberpants under their dresses.

have you ever tried to wear plastic pants by it self, if not give it a try, it is great.

Not without some sort of diaper!

I too enjoy cloth and plastic and have for 40 years. The feeling of them wrapped around your mid section, the humiliation of being diapered in front of peers and family. The first time I was alone in a nursery I found myself drawn to the change table and the stack of diapers and plastic pants. It was not till I moved out that I actually bought flat diapers and plastic pants, all too small, but this was new to me, and I have grown a lot since. I recently bought 5 pairs of properly sized plastic pants and I have had the proper sized diapers for years now, it is fun to be a big baby now, and I have found a girl that also finds them fascinating. I buy her diapers and plastic pants to... <br />
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Congratulations on your "find". May you never be stifled from your desires.

How great! I dream of being able to wear cloth diapers and plastic panties again!

i grew up learning to enjoy needing be diapered by my mom 24/7, until she passed away when i was almost 19 years old. it was back in the era of cloth diapers, rubber panties, rhumba style diaper covers, and frilly big petticoats. it wasn't until i was a teenager, that my mom found plastic panties in my size. by then, i was hooked for life on all the great erotic sensations i enjoyed from wetting and messing in my diapers. and especially, from never being allowed to change my own diapers!<br />
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growing up always being seen wearing thick sets of cloth diapers, is probably the reason why i got used to everyone staring and why i lost any of those silly inhibitions at a very early age, about what people said or thought about my diaper wearing. then, when puberty made it's explosive debut by shooting my first load of *** all over my mom's hand and arm, during a diaper changing. i not only became permanently immune to all public scruting. but, i also became hooked for life, on how wonderfull those thick sets of diapers felt between my legs, properly pinned and with plastic or rubber panties fully covering them.<br />
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even after my mom passed away, and i had to finally learn how to change my own diapers. i found absolutely no reason to make them any thinner or less bulky. even as they would easily show from under my short skirts and dresses, as the mini-skirt styles were comming into fashion. i've always had to feel fully and well diapered anywhere and all the time. regardless of how visible they are to everyone. it's always been about how much pleasure my diapers have given me. which is why, when my wife tried those disposables on me. i was sooo glad that they were entirely useless as "diapers". not even our kids have cared to use them. and they grew up wearing disposable diapers as infants! we're an all cloth diaper family. and we know why. don't you?<br />
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as you can see from the photos in my profile albums here on ep. my sets of cloth diapers are REAL adult sized CLOTH diapers. and i welcome your comments. if you're into corresponding via personal email, so am i. let me know. i also attach personal diapered photos with my email replies. do you?<br />
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until then, God Bless and keep you safe.<br />
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alice scott

Loved hearing from you! Wish I could be in cloth diapers and plastic pantis 24/7!

I wish they still made them like that! May the diaper force be with you! And always God bless!

Great minds think alike!

i love cloth diapers n plastic panties oh ya im a xdresser 24 7