Cloth Diaper Only Way Too Go

yes i grew up in them back in the 50 s dont remember much of it but now i enjoy what i did not befour i wear em all the time i would not change a thing only my wet diaper put on a nice dry one.       need  a gay guy like me too play in em you know have some fun mmmmmmmmmmmm feel so good
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I just turned a very youthful 62 and have been a lifelong 24/7 diaperboy...but I'm still a 3 1/2 year old toddler in my headspace. I dress baby style around thick gauze diapers and plastic pants exclusively...except when traveling. It's the coolest and I like how cute the baby look is.

kev I wear tena pads in my underwear when I work with plastic pants on yes co/workers don't know I wear home on week ends I get into my cloth diapers very thick and my plastic pants and have fun all week end mmmmmmmmmlove it

Born in '58 I can't remember what I was in when I was young, now I like disposables and pull-up style. I also like to wear plastic pants, even though it is hot & humid here in Minnesota.

i never tried the disposables but they say the clean-up is much easy'er you know i love too poop out big loads in my diaper it feels so good too.

Growing up in the 60s, cloth diapers with plastic, or rubber, pants were the only thing available. <br />
For me, with an incontinence issue, they work the best, still.<br />
A necessary evil, as the old saying goes, not a turn-on!

Barry whart part of the world are you in

pa state pittston pa old coalmine state

I prefer cloth myself, but when traveling, disposables are more convenient. And each has different qualities. I've come to enjoy the disposables more...and I find I still need to wear plastic pants with them, because the cheap ones I but tend to leak pretty easily. <br />
But nothing beats that warm caress of a sodden cotton's like a great, warm hand in your crotch....mmmmmm.

yes it is that i do alot too you know hand down there mmmmmmmmm

what part of the world Barry

east coast usa pa state...

pittston pa usa

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