Yup I Wear 'em Too

I am a bedwetter and I have worn cloth diapers and plastic pants for years.  I started wetting again when I was 19; I only really stopped when I was 17.  I had toddler disp to tuck into my underpants as a boy, until mommy found them and took them away, she found used ones all around my room, hhmm.  I started back into the cloth and plastic around 22 when I cut up my first shower curtian to make tie on plastic pants.  I had so much fun in those, they hardly ever leaked and were so comfortable without any gathers to grip my legs. 

Now I am married and I get to wear thick cloth and plastic pants over them each night.  I sew my own diapers so I have quite the supply of prefolds and contours.  I just love waking up wet!

wetbymorning wetbymorning
Feb 27, 2010