Super Undies Are The Best

Theres a few brands of washable enuresis underpants that are comfy and dont leak like the cheapo disposables. Super Undies work for kids 125 pounds or a bit more so prefect on smaller teens. They are easy to wash and cost a lot less than the throaways because they can last for years. Disposables are not good for the planet. In the daytime you can be active and not worry about leaks as much. Its better your pants puff out a little than peep seeing them wet. Here is a cool way to go greener and save your mom some money.
Wolfbrat Wolfbrat
13-15, M
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Thanks for the nice replies. my mom didnt let me wear dipers to bed until i was 13. I just peed in bed and my room smelled yuckie. Then she got me goodnites and they leaked of course. I hated it.

Sorry to hear that man

Yup goodnites leak easy but I wear depends adjustables to bed and never herd of super undies is that the name or they called something els.

i mosly wear underjams to bed but i got 2 pullups just like super undys. ben is right they puff out more but their lots more comfy haha .