I am of the age where I imprinted on cloth diapers and plastic panties. I love them! But sometimes, for convenience, I use disposable diapers and pullups. I recently discovered Abena Abriflex "Special" pullups. They are so incredibly soft and comfortable. They are made in Japan I'm told and sold under the Abena label. They don't have the capacity of other maxi-type pullups but you can add boosters. Just thought I'd pass it along. I'm a big fan.
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Ps I love Abena brand. I use the antigorite #4 absorbency (most absorbent). Expensive but totally worth it. I can go up to 3 times without leaking.

I prefer cloth as well. How do you handle the washing? Do you rinse them first? I've been using too much bleach. Additionally I have to use commercial washers in my apt. I'd really like to know how to handle this since the diapers smell if they sit too long.

i perfer cloth as well. have been that way all my life.

Hi Georgie. I wash my diapers at home and never use bleach. I add vinegar to the water proof bag that I use to hold my wet diapers. I wash every three days so they don't get to stinky. If have a poopy accident(I have IBS but I hate the poopy part)the I rinse as much off as I can in the toilet or shower and then treat the stained area with prewash. It all comes clean. Hot water wash/cold rinse.

Let me know how you do.

Thank you for this advice. What is it about the vinegar? I have IBS as well. Since taking flax seed oil, it's been under control!!! 😊 I use a diaper doubler if I have a poopy day.

It's a chemical reaction that neutralizes the ammonia in the urine. I'll try the flax seed oil. Haven't tried that one but seems like I've tried everything else. I've pretty much figured out my GI schedule and and reactions so only have an accident one a week and it's almost only a leak. I still need the diapers to contain even those and the smell.

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I promise you'll love them. Soooo sooffft.

I'll have to try those!