Wearing Real Fur

I have always loved fur and own several real fur coats, none of them being from endangered animals and most of them are vintage. A couple of years ago I was given a man's raccoon fur coat, although it was old, it is in perfect condition. At first I was uneasy about wearing it out but we had a very cold winter and I wore my fur out. Raccoons are not endangered and are little more than vermin, the coat would have also gone to a landfill site if it had been thrown out. I adore the warmth and comfort of my coat and wear it whenever it is cold and dry. So many people have admired it and comment about how good it looks. I have now taken to wearing real fur as well as fake when crossdressed, my coats are coney (rabbit) and from the 1980's but they still feel and look sensational. My wife and I will continue to wrap up in our fur coats whenever we can and ignore the small minded people who enforce their views on others.
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

My coats are made from animals raised on fur farms. The animals have a good life and are killed humanely, so I do not feel guilty for wearing fur.

I enjoy wearing furs( I think vintage furs are really beautiful)! and I make no excusses at all or feel I have to "justify" why I love to wear it. Good to know that many others love fur and make no bones about it either. All of the weeping and wailing and insults the anti-fur crowd likes to dish out, especially some of the reactions here at EP ( they feel secure hiding behind their computer)! will not discourage people from wearing furs. I bet they would not think a coyote was so "cute" after all, when it mauled and ate their cats and dogs. Or when an excess population of racoons and foxes is spreading rabies to domestic pets. Death by rabies is one of the most horrible ways for an animal to die, far more so than being shot dead ( varmit control) or killed by electrocution and skinned after death, ( how it is done on most fur farms).