My Bikinis Are Very Small

When I go to public sweeming pools or beaches and I must wear something, I put on a tiny bikini.  The top includes two small triangles that just cover the nipple and areola and not much beyond.  The bottom part is a g-string that includes a slightly bigger triangle that covers my ***** lips and **** hood but it doesn't really cover my *******.  But that's OK, since it is not normally visible when standing, or sitting near the pool or beach.

Generally I prefer to be completely exposed, but when I have no choice, those bikinis do just fine.

hadar99 hadar99
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12 Responses Apr 28, 2010

hehe lov those attitude....i guess, every women shud know how to get modestly dressed like this, when they cant get naked...

Sounds a little naughty. I bet you look great in it.

Rather than a smaller suit have you ever tried one that was too big? When positioned right you can be both legal and expose everything.

he he he never thought about it

If we can't be nude my wife wears a single string bottom and pasties on the beach

Where do you go swimming?

Naked, I think I would be too shy :)

I love your sence of adventure. I bought some micro swim wear for my holiday to Jamaica. Only wore one once as I was nude and fully exposed for most of the holiday.<br />
But still, I'd love to walk along a public beach with u, with us both not wearing anything good enough to cover our bodies. But then I don't know how long I'd be able to stop myself from undoing your ties. Will u expose me if I expose you?

True, nude beaches best. No lines here.

I would like to try that. I have a good body for it, but am shy. You may be my secret hero.

yummy baby

and i hope you choose your victim carefully when you bend over and wink at them?

That's just a wonderful description. I want to be there at the pool, watching you, stripping you off with my mind.