Love My Wife In A Skimpy Bikini

My wife's just started wearing thong bikinis to the beach (Studland beach in the south of England). She looks absolutely amazing. We tend to go nude on holiday abroad but Studland is a little too close to where we work so she sticks to wearing bikinis.

We've amassed quite a collection for her - mainly from Halcyon Blue. At the moment she normally wears the standard  thong bottoms to the beach but we have got some smaller ones. My favourite is a pure string back g-string which looks amazing on her. She wears it around the house (looks wonderful with a pair of high heels!) but is reluctant to wear it at the beach....but I'm working on it!

I'm hoping to get a sheer sarong for her soon...I really fancy the idea of her wearing a thong or g-string that's just visible beneath the sarong as we walk  from our hotel down to the beach....ok...losing myself in something of a fantasy here...sorry!....with luck that fantasy will come true on our next holiday!
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8 Responses Jun 17, 2010

sounds hot and you seem to really enjoy seeing so sexy

do it wear your wife bikini and heels you must be great smooth woman

My husband and I do this very regularly at Cape Hatteras in NC. We were told we couldnt do it but do it anyway with no problems. I wear very small thong micro bikinis and my husband really enjoys all the attention I get. The last time we were there (2011) we had several college football pla<x>yers in a house next to us. It was the typical collge guy party time vacation house. I am somewhat of a cougar and really enjoyed the younger guy's attention. They ended up in our hot tub that night and my see thru micro really did the job that day! It drove my husband crazy all the looks I got from those guys. Great fun!

Great story! Glad to see I'm not alone in this area! My wife and I travel on vacation at least once a year to Mexico and I have the honor of picking/buying her at least one and usually several new bikinis for every trip! Most have been from Malibu Strings, one was from a VERY TINY from I beleve MicroKitten and she even wore that one on the beach. Hot and sexy!

no need to be sorry, that fantasy is HOT!

Studland couple, do you have anymore stories for us on this topic?

Sounds exciting. I think she should try it one time.

well i'd love to see her at Studland beach in a tiny microkini. my favourite is wicked weasel but i found some Halcyon Blue video clips on youtube and it brought more than a smile to my face i can tell you!!<br />
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i'l be your Mrs looks good enough to eat?