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Revealing More Than Intended (Pictures)

I’ve fielded a few questions from others lately about how to get their conservative wives/gf’s into the type of revealing swimwear featured in my other stories and pictures.

Here’s one tip that worked recently, don’t let her put it on by a mirror… Long story short, we went boating with a couple of my friends last weekend and I (of course!) put myself in charge of bringing our suits.
It’s definitely a challenge to get her into a more see-thru suit, especially around my friends, so I ordered a new suit figuring this one would be a good comprise, small enough to show off her assets yet covers enough so she wouldn’t think twice about wearing it in public. 
Since we were late and bringing drinks for our excursion, there wasn’t time to change before we boarded. She had to put on the bikini in the small cuddy (small below deck space) of the boat. There’s barely room to move in there and definitely no way to check on how your suit is fitting.  
In my opinion, the suit fit great, but during the day I (and the other two guys) started to notice just how revealing it was as she spent most of the day with one or the other part of a puffy nipples exposed.

Sometimes seeing less, is more.
After sitting down for a while the suit would naturally ride up -- so as she’d walk around the boat the darker skin surrounding her anus would be clearly visible, making the location of her tight little ******* pretty obvious, especially if she ever bent over to pick up a glass, towel, or drove the boat standing up. If you look close, you'll see what was quite obvious on the boat.

Needless to say when she’d sit leaning back with her legs spread a bit, the darker folds of her ***** lips would be squeezed out the sides. I didn’t say anything, just counted my blessings as did the others.
Hard to capture this stuff on a camera for you without being too obvious, but  if you look close you’ll see what I am talking about.
Charles2525 Charles2525 36-40, M 42 Responses Jun 6, 2013

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A little exposure adds a LOT to the imagination.....sometimes it's when you "almost" see everything that drives you wild...

She is so damned sexy

Great shots. Thanks for sharing.

Some sexxy shots!



What should I say... You've got a naughty streak in you.... ;)

Your wife is always soooo sexy!! Many thanks to both of you! I've noticed how she is getting used to being naked or almost naked more often in front of your friends!! Love her body so please share some more photos this year of your fantastic wife!! Thank you, thank you!!

great pics!! Love the description of how much you could see! Thanks.


That suit fits like you designed it especially for her...I'm not such an as man ( boob-lover here!) but she has a fine bottom the suit shows off SO well...and her lovely areola is begging to escape...must have popped out lots, that day! You are a lucky man, and so are your friends!

Another great story. You have a wonderful wife.

Great suit... better body!

Perfect WW *** and a thoughtful nip-slip

She is so sexy and looks so confident in her self and body, beautiful.

Very NICE Nip Slip...........Thanks for sharing.

Very hot pics ! Would love to see more !

So very nice!

oh yum!! your beautiful!

Sometimes timing is everything. Bought my wife a smaller bikinis and she tried it on at home and surprised me as she walked into a room with a big mirror. She immediately said the bottom is too small and she could not wear it - she thinks her hips are too big but I love her shape. Damn! Told her I could not return them and she should wear them. She finally said she could not wear it where anybody might know her... So maybe... Have to plan a getaway trip.

Gorgeous ! Awesome *** !!

Did you read my story?

damn she looks good

How exciting!


some trianguar cloths are small enough to create blessings

Always nice to see a little bit of nipple pop out

Good advice.

Absolutely Stunning. Thanks for sharing

what a wonderfully playful bikini! love the nipple peeks.


She is very cute! Please add me.

I totally agree with your tip.
Makes me want to see more of your beautiful wife...

We absolutely LOVE your experiences. Hubby and I have some that are very similar, especially the story you wrote about being felt up on the crowded bus! That, as well as ALL of your experiences, and pictures are SO very stimulating for us. THANK YOU!

Very VERY nice photos. Thanks for posting.

So very beautiful!

Yet another great bikini on your wife. And good advice on the mirror. Made the mistake of letting the Mrs check out how she looked in a bikini I gave her and when she saw it in a mirror that was the end of it. I though it was perfect and still hold hope maybe I can get her to wear it.

Oh you are a clever dog!! Thanks so much for sharing and being so creative - your lovely wife is certainly worth your efforts!!!


very nice pics very sexxy lady

Love exposing our women like this! It's so much fun! Only, my girl doesn't mind the exposure at all! LOL!

Wish I could have been there.

great stuff!