Taking Risks In My Microbikini

As do the rest of you, I love wearing really tiny bikinis in public. But I want mine to not only be as skimpy as I can get away with but to also have their bottoms be the type that tie at the sides. These are sometimes hard to find, especially in G-string models, but I manage.

One reason I like side ties on my bottoms is that they allow me to adjust the fit so that it's just right for the mood I'm in. Because if I'm in a really naughty or risk-taking mood, I'll tie my bottoms on loosely, so they shift a little as I walk. Many of us daring girls know that total nudity can't compete with the wild arousal caused by the idea that one might accidentally become nude at any moment. The guys just can't take their eyes off of you because they don't want to miss seeing your accident!

Also, if the fabric is light and thin enough, and if the way I tie that little microbikini on is loose enough, I'll feel like I'm wearing . . . well . . . nothing. And that feeling is just so hot.

Now I realize that the usual "safety rule" for side-tie string or thong bikinis is that one should first tie the strings in a knot and then tie the bow on top of that. This precaution prevents mishaps where the strings come untied on their own, or some bold guy or gal decides to untie them deliberately just to pants you. But I utterly refuse to use the knot trick. That's for wimpy girls! A real part of the fun of wearing skimpy little side-tie bikinis is to enjoy the thrill of living dangerously.

Well, as you can imagine, by wearing so little on the beach and taking such chances, I've had to suffer the consequences more than a few times.

For example, I had to learn the hard way that if I can no longer feel my loose-fitting bikini on me, I won't notice when the tiny triangles that cover little more than my nipples are shifting to one side, or when the minimal bottoms are slipping too low. I've had half my butt crack showing above the sagging line of a triangle back and not realized it. And whenever my loose bottoms have slipped that low in the rear, they've usually been just seconds away from falling off altogether, sliding down my thighs.

Which happened a couple of times without my even noticing for the first few seconds. And one of those times I was playing volleyball and actually tripped and fell on my face in the sand when my bottoms suddenly plunged to my ankles an instant before I tried to run for the ball. Since I didn't at first realize why I'd tripped, I foolishly rolled over onto my back before getting up, giving everyone a good look at my naked *****.

Now that was humiliating! Everyone laughed at me. And some of the cattier women figured it served me right for being such a brazen tease. But you know, after it was all over and I got home, the memory of that incident made be as horny as ever. That's why I keep taking these risks even after having a number of embarrassing moments.

But not all of my "wardrobe malfunctions" are embarrassing. Sometimes I intentionally allow them to happen. When conditions are right, it can be fun to tie my bikini on as loosely as I dare and then let nature takes its course as I run down the beach or charge into the churning ocean waves. I once came out of my bikini top and bottom at the same time.

One of my favorite adventures was in June of 2012. I was playing in the surf in a little white, unlined bikini and eventually realized that there was this skinny young geeky guy right behind me. I'm sure he was watching each time my rear was partially or fully bared by the force of the current. I kept pulling my bottoms back up each time but didn't turn around. Yet I knew he was still there and wasn't going anywhere.

So I decided to do something really naughty. I waited until a big wave forced my bottoms down almost to my thighs. My butt was totally bare. And in front my ****, which I'd trimmed just enough to be able to wear such minimal bottoms, was showing blatantly. Then, making it look like the pull of the ocean had turned me around, I swung my body so he could see me clearly--but made no eye contact. And as the water receded, I stood there a moment, catching my balance, before wading back onto the beach. As I walked I made it a point to be slow and casual about repositioning my bottoms, acting as if there wasn't a person in sight.

I know this gave him a really, really good look--even after I pulled my bottoms back up and turned around to face in his general direction again. Because, being white and unlined, my whole bikini was all but transparent with wetness. So I'm sure he remembered me that night in his dreams!

I'd love to hear the adventures of other women who take chances or do mischievous things in public in their bikinis. I'm always looking for dangerous new risks to take.
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that's a great story
I wish more girls were as brave as you are

Did you read my story?

You\'ve posted many. Which one in particular?

Hehe you cheeky devil

Excellent ways to enjoy the beach and the best ways to tease in bikini's!
My wife loved the beach towel with a book, propping up on her elbows after a while, of course after having untied her bikini top. Her unsuspecting victims (aside from me) would watch her the whole time we were on the beach. Funny how she would turn over and be covered, yet they would still be sitting there just waiting for her to roll over yet again.

you are the world's most perfect tease!