Winter At School

Winter here at school can be depressing because it is cloudy and either raining or snowing so much of the time. The biggest thing I miss a bout Texas is that even this time of year, it is often warm enough for shorts or a short skirt when I get in the mood.

Since the holidays, I have had urges to wear things that are more revealing but it has just been too cold. I've been finding more and more wearing hoodies with nothing else under it and then adjusting the zipper up and down as I gained and lost nerve.

Last week l one of my classmstes saw me in the library at a moment my hoodie zipper was open to my stomach. I knew I was caught cold so I decided to act like nothing was out of the ordinary.

We ended up enjoying our time together and even went to dinner in the cafeteria. I caught him a number of times looking at my chest. It was obvious I was wearing nothing under my shirt and as the afternoon went on I was enjoying how I looked even more.
I didn't show him more and we wentback to our rooms but we are going to go for a hike tomorrow.
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5 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Great fun for you and any who see you! You should wear things like that which let you show as much as you want year round! Love it when can see that a hot woman is not wearing a bra

I would like to see that

It so much easier for girls to tease than men! Its Not Fair!!!

I hope you decide to wear some of your revealing outfits even when it's cold. I love the looks I get when I wear a little crop top no bra, a short little skirt no panties, and pretty strappy sandals when I go out with my husband to dinner and a movie... in the winter! It's such a turn on for us.

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