I Wear Diapers And Rubber Pants To Bed

I have been a bedwetter my entire life and right after I was married, my own mother told my wife that I needed to be diapered before going to bed because I have accidents and wet the bed. My wife is very old fashioned and uses cloth diapers and plastic pants on me (she calls my plastic pants "rubber pants" for some reason) at bedtime she always has me lay on the folded double diapers she has laying on the bed, then she powders me and pins me snuggly into my diapers, then she pulls the plastic pants up over my diapers making sure to tuck in the diaper inside of the plastic pants so there wont be any unwanted leaks. If we are going to be out running errands all day away from the bathroom, she will sometimes diaper me during the day as well.

rogume01 rogume01
Apr 30, 2010